Ya Veremos Movie Release Date USA and Cast 2018

Glamovie – Ya Veremos movie releases date USA and cast 2018 – Yes Veremos (2018) is one of the Mexican films that will air on August 31, 2018 directed by Pedro Pablo Ibarra and written by Alberto Bremer.

This film was produced by several people including Rodrigo Bello, Victor Hugo Pujol Lopez, Jacobo Nazar and Rodrigo Trujillo

This Mexican drama film stars actors and actresses such as Estefania Ahumada, Miguel Alvarez, Emiliano Aramayo and other supporting artists.

For the film production and distributor, it was handed over to Pantelion Films and Videocine.


This family drama film tells the story of a divorced family but the child has a health problem that must be taken immediately.

Santi (Emiliano Aramayo) is a child who is a victim of the divorce of her parents, Rodrigo (Mauricio Ochmann) and Alejandra (Fernanda Castillo). They are asked to meet occasionally, because they share their child’s time.

One day they received news that Santi had to undergo surgery so as not to lose her vision, so Santi made a wish list and asked to fulfill it with her parents, before the operation.

Rodrigo and Alejandra must learn to coexist again, starting (without suspecting) the journey which, in the end, will make it very difficult to separate again.

. Director: Pedro Pablo Ibarra

. Producer: Rodrigo Bello, Victor Hugo Pujol Lopez, Jacobo Nazar and Rodrigo Trujillo

. Writer: Alberto Bremer

. Genre: Drama

. Cast: Estefania Ahumada, Miguel Alvarez, Emiliano Aramayo

. Cinematograph: Martin Boege

. Editor: Diego Macho Gomez

. Production: Pantelion Films

. Distributor: Videocine (2018) (Mexico) (theatrical)

. Display Date: August 31 2018 (United States)

. Country: Mexico

. Spanish language


. Estefania Ahumada as Irma

. Miguel Alvarez as El Piton

. Emiliano Aramayo as Santi

. Arturo Barba as Anestesiologo

. Marianna Burelli as Enfermera

. Miguel Burra as Empleado tienda DVD

. Jorge Caballero as a Dark Hombre

. Rodrigo Cachero as Dr. Ruben Darío

. Fernanda Castillo as Alejandra

. Erik Hayser as Enrique

. Katsuhiro Honda as Akito

. Camila Ibarra as a Dark Mujer

. Ariel Levy as Dr. Ernesto

. Ernesto Loera as Mesero

. Mauricio Ochmann as Rodrigo. (Glamovie – Ya Veremos movie release date USE and cast 2018).

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