Why isn’t Thor eyeing Thanos’s head? This is the answer …

Glamovie.com – There’s a reason why Thor didn’t target Thanos’s head with Stormbreaker. It was once debated, why did Thor not target Thanos’s head?

Maybe some of you will answer,

“If you immediately head, there will be no Avengers 4 movies.”

That is also true. But Russo Brothers has a different answer.

When asked why Thor didn’t target Thanos’s head, they answered very simply, namely,

“Because Thor wants to show that he won and managed to avenge him.”

Can be seen in the part of Thor who after attacking Thanos, and immediately said,

“I told you, you will die by your actions (destroying the Asgard ship full of residents).”

Even Thor pressed Stormbreaker back into Thanos’s chest hard, accompanied by a scream of pain from Thanos, and also the emotional expression of Thor. After that, Thanos said that Thor should have attacked the head.

Then Thanos flicked his finger. After that, several superheroes and entire galaxy residents disappeared in half.

Actually there are also other theories besides the answer from Russo Brothers, which must be officially the reason for Thor.

Another theory is, the head is a moving target.

Even though Thanos’s head was big compared to the head of another creature that was there, but the head was a moving target that could dodge when attacked.

If you look more closely, with Thor’s distance like that, attacking the chest becomes easier, because the chest is a wide target that is easy to aim at.

In addition, Russo Brothers also wants to make the audience feel sympathy with Thor, because in this film he is most often highlighted, so they want the audience to feel the emotions of Thor in this scene. (Glamovie).

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