Why is Captain Marvel so important for MCUs? This is the answer

Glamovie.com – After Avengers: Infinity War, we are ready to welcome the newest superhero, ‘Captain Marvel’. Heroes of women who have powers like Superman deserve to be seen.

Captain Marvel is also rumored to be related to the Avengers: Infinity War second part.

In addition, it is also reported that this film is very important for the MCU and will change the overall MCU.

1. Viewpoint

Before there was Kevin Feige, Marvel was reluctant to present women as the main point of view of their films. The reason is simple, they assume women are not able to provide big benefits like men. However, this film that will be released in a few months will be a differentiator.

Captain Marvel has given a new perspective that women can also have the same strength as men.

Actually the MCU has featured several women in the past, namely Black Widow and Pepper Potts. But none of them became a solo film until Captain Marvel was present.

With the presence of this film, now MCU has become more modern and does not discriminate between sexes.

That’s what makes this series very important for MCU.

2. The Storyline That Changes Everything

The storyline is also one of the main strengths in this film. Usually, the MCU has a background story of someone who is trying to become a superhero or superhero who is an extraterrestrial creature. But this film is different because Captain Marvel will come to earth because she has an instinct as Carol Danvers.

Identity search will be the main focus in this film.

3. We have never seen the type of strength

Thor, Visions, Hulk, Starlord, and other characters are strong characters. Until now, Thor became the strongest because he was able to hurt Thanos. But, Kevin Feige said that Captain Marvel’s strength was very different from the heroes who had been introduced by the MCU. Even in the comic version, the superhero power that is considered as the strongest is equivalent to the strength of Infinity Gauntlet, the most powerful.

Of course this hero is a formidable opponent for Thanos.

4. Time Setting

The time series in this series is also different from the stories of other heroes before.

The time of Captain Marvel was in the 1990s. A different time setting than other Marvel series. (Glamovie).

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