There are Chris Hemsworth and Dakota Johnson in ‘Bad Times at The El Royale’ – Fox has just released the latest trailer for their project, “Bad Times at the El Royale”. Distributed on Tuesday (28/8), the trailer shows a meeting of seven foreigners, each of whom has a secret in a mysterious hotel called El Royale.

Featuring promising players, this trailer shows the atmosphere of the hotel where every occupant has a hidden “agenda”.

They were also spied on by hotel managers who had mysterious backgrounds.

This hotel is described as having two different sides and seems to offer such a tense atmosphere.

The trailer also shows that the seven people must kill each other to defend themselves.

The story of this film takes a 1960s setting with a location in a hotel near Lake Tahoe called El Royale. The story focuses on several characters who have different purposes and are gathering at the hotel.

Seven foreigners each have a secret they want to eliminate.

For one night, they had the last chance to make amends.

Fox invited a number of popular stars to take part in this film. Namely Chris Hemsworth, Jon Hamm, Jeff Bridges, Dakota Johnson, Cynthia Erivo, Nick Offerman, and Cailee Spaeny.

Starring famous actors and actresses, of course “Bad Times at the El Royale” is one of the most anticipated films. Directed by Drew Goddard, this criminal thriller is scheduled to be released on October 5. (Glamovie).

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