The shooting process of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ will finished in a short time – Only Spending Six Months of Shooting Time, DC Plans to Break the Visual Effects of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’. “Wonder Woman 1984” has begun filming in Virginia and several other locations. And the good news, the process of filming the sequel to “Wonder Woman” is planned to be done in a short time.

Reported by Heroic Hollywood on Thursday (6/9), the process of shooting “Wonder Woman 1984” will last for only six months. This means that the film production period will end in December. Of course this is surprising, even though DC Films and Warner Bros are planning a release schedule by the end of 2019.

As it turned out, this was done because of the work on visual effects and the editing process that took a long time.

If you remember the good editing that was shown on the previous film, then it is natural that the production side also wanted to show the same thing in “1984 Wonder Woman”.

The shooting process of the sequel to Diana Prince’s adventure is reportedly also carried out at Washington D.C., Alexandria, Virginia, and also in several countries in the UK and Europe. Namely Spain and the Canary Islands.

Plot details “1984 Wonder Woman” is still tightly closed, but director Patty Jenkins said that the sequel would give fans a big surprise.

In this film, Wonder Woman will also visit the White House.

“Wonder Woman 1984” takes place when the Cold War takes place.

Wonder Woman will fight the Soviet Union army.

In addition, the character played by Gal Gadot will also face a new enemy, namely villain named Cheetah.

This villain will be played by Christian actress and comedian Wiig.

Cheetah was a British anthropologist named Barbara Ann Minerva. Barbara gets the strength of Cheetah after an expedition to the African jungle. After that, he became very obsessed with gaining the power possessed by Wonder Woman.

Chris Pine is also certain to repeat his role as Steve Trevor. There is also Pedro Pascal, who until now has not been known to play what character.

If it goes according to plan, then “1984 Wonder Woman” will be released on November 1, 2019. (Glamovie).

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