The relationship between Avengers: Infinity War with Captain Marvel – Avengers: Infinity War is no longer running and has been released in digital format. However, fans have just expressed speculation that the Captain Marvel costume starring Brie Larson is in the film.

As is known, the Avengers bonus ending: Infinity War shows Captain Marvel’s logo after Nick Fury sends a signal through a special device. However, fans find it more interesting.

The fan who stated his speculation through Reddit said that Cull Obsidian, one of Thanos’s men, was seen wearing a cloth he believed to be Captain Marvel’s costume.

The red and blue cloth below the waist of the giant character, seen when Obsidian and his partner, Ebony Maw, faced Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Wong, and Bruce Banner in New York.

It is not yet known whether Cull Obsidian will appear in Captain Marvel in the 1990s or not. In fact, this speculation is still unconfirmed by the director or Marvel himself.

The Captain Marvel movie will be released on March 8, 2019, followed by the next appearance of the female superhero in Avengers 4 on May 3, 2019. (Glamovie).

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