The ‘Nun’ Shooting Location was Visited by Real Ghosts – Working on a horror film is certainly a challenge for filmmakers, both players or production crew involved. Not only do they have to display the nuances of “scary” and “gripping” nicely, sometimes they also experience mystical things while undergoing the shooting process.

This also happened to the “The Nun” film crew.

The latest spin-off from The Conjuring Universe which tells the story of Valak is not only ready to present “terror” for the fans, but also has its own horror story in the production process.

This was revealed directly by director Corin Hardy.

Reported by Comic Book on Monday (7/30), Corin revealed what happened during the shooting process of “The Nun”. The 43-year-old director admitted that he had experienced an unforgettable supernatural experience.

“We shot in a real Romanian fort. Previously, the place was used to store weapons, like an old bunker. It made people goose bumps,” Corin said.

“The dark narrow tunnel that can get you lost in it. When we shot this scene, the place was called a crossing corridor, and it was a 61-meter long corridor. The corridor was deep, dark and empty.”

Furthermore, the director of “The Hallow” tells the story when he had to take several scenes in one of the dark tunnels. At that time, Corin saw two crew members with him. But when he greeted, the two crew members were just silent.

Do not bother, he then turned his back on both of them and focused on the monitor.

“I had to take a picture, so I was in one of the tunnels, really dark. I saw two crew, maybe from the sound section, they were sitting in the dark,” Corin said.

“I said, ‘Hi’ and then focused on the film. Then I turned and sat back to them to see the monitor.”

After the scene was finished, Corin got up and turned to face the two crew. But strange, both of them suddenly did not exist in their place before. In fact, the room only had one exit, where Corin did not see anyone passing through the door during the shooting process.

“An hour and a half later, I finally got the picture. I got up and turned to the two people and said,

‘You see that?’

and apparently no one was there, there was never anyone there, “Corin said again.

“There’s no way they can get out of there. I saw them when they came in. I felt they were there all the time.”

Corin revealed that he did not know exactly who the two figures were watching him. But the director thought they were Romanian soldiers in the past.

“I can only assume that they are like Romanian soldiers watching the shooting of ‘The Nun’,” he said jokingly.

Apart from the scary stories shared by Corin, “The Nun” will tell a pastor who has a dark past and a nun who follows the early education period to pursue Catholicism. They were sent by the Vatican to investigate a young nun who died of mysterious suicide in Carta Monastery, Romania.

Both tried to uncover the secret, but instead made them risk their lives.

Set in the era of the 1950s in Romania, the figure of Valak will again be played by Bonnie Aarons. While Demian Bichir will act as Father Burke, who is sent to investigate the demon nun.

The film also stars Taissa Farmiga, Charlotte Hope, Ingrid Mute and many more. (Glamovie).

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