The Favourite Release Date, Cast Review 2018 – The Favourite release date, cast review 2018 – The Favorite is a Biography-History film. It was directed by director Yorgos Lanthismos, and was screened by a screenplay by Deborah Davis.

The Favorite starring Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz, Nicholas Hoult, Olivia Colman, Joe Alwyn, and Jenny Rainsford.

The film is sheltered by Element Pictures production houses, and Scarlet Films.


Beginning in the 18th century, Britain fought with France. Weak Queen Anne (Olivia Colman) occupied the throne and her close friend Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisz) arranged the country as a temporary replacement for Anne who had a bad health condition and had a grim temper.

The Favorite tells about Anne who was born in 1665 and became the queen of England behind the political screen of intrigue during the reign of the last monarchy of the House of Stuarts.

In medieval and early Modern Europe individual delegations controlled politics significantly.

After being crowned Queen on April 23, 1702, Anne experienced health problems, namely bone calcification.


. Emma Stone as Abigail Masham
. Rachel Weisz as Sarah Churchill
. Nicholas Hoult as Robert Harley
. Olivia Colman as Queen Anne
. Joe Alwyn as Masham
. Mark Gatiss as Marlborough
. Timothy Innes as Footman # 2
. Jenny Rainsford as Mae
. Wilson Radjou-Pujalte as Son of Pigeon
. James Smith as Godolphin
. John Locke as Courtier Expulsion
. Basil Eidenbenz as Footman # 1
. Jack Veal as Boy
. James Melville as Footman # 4
. Isaura Barbé-Brown as Courtier
. Ingall’s team as Mr. Bingley
. Arthur Wilde as Soldier Low Rank
. Janette Sharpe as Helper
. Solomon Jean Charles as Royal Servant
. Liam Fleming as Kevin
. Hannah Morley as Courtier
. Alfrun Rose as Assistant cook
. Leigh Dent as Courtier
. Antonia Castilla as Courtier
. Nathan Lang as Courtier
. Willem Dalby as MP
. Carolyn Saint-Pé as Madame Tournée
. LillyRose Stevens as Sally
. Zenobia Voegele-Downing as Courtier
. Alexis Bennett as Court Musician
. Errol Clayton as Courtier
. Declan Wyer as Footman # 3
. Emma Knowles as Courtier
. Dawn Dardis as Courtier
. Frank Gordon as Courtier
. Callum Lewin as Pomegranate Tory
. Elizabeth Ita as Courtier
. Patricia Walker as Courtier
. Roisin Keogh as Courtier
. Emily Vinnicombe as Courtier
. Poppy Lawless as Courtier
. Chris Elms as Young Tory
. Samuel Bossman as Courtier

Production Status
. Complete

. 120 minute

. Biography
. History

. Yorgos Lanthimos

. Deborah Davis
. Tony McNamara

Release date
. November 23, 2018

. English

. Ireland
. England
. United States of America. (Glamovie).

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