The fact that Captain America is not “The First Avenger” – Steve Rogers aka Captain America is one of the important Marvel characters in comics and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, Captain who has been referred to as “The First Avenger” was not the first. This fact is obtained globally, from comics and from films. Not only from movies.

1. Captain America is not the first Avenger

Although called the First Avengers, he is not really the first.

In the comic, the list of the first members of the Avengers team is Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man, and The Wasp. Captain America is a character found by Avengers when he is frozen. After that, Captain became part of the Avengers.

2. Chris Evans Refuses Bid for Captain America’s role three times

At present, many famous actors want to be part of the MCU. Even though a few years ago, the MCU had not looked big, even Chris Evans had refused the invitation of the role as Steve Rogers three times.

Evans’s reason is,

“This is a decision that will affect my career in three, four, five, six years, so it must be carefully thought out”.

Sure enough, his role as Captain America is indeed very influential, building his name as Steve Rogers.

Another reason was because he had been a Johnny Storm on the Fantastic Four.

3. Vibranium and Adamantium

In the film, Captain America’s shield is made of Vibranium, but in comics, Captain America’s shielding material is actually Vibranium and Adamantium.

Vibranium is used to hold vibration to be stable, and Adamantium makes the shield stronger so that it is like a weapon.

Because Adamantium belongs to X-Men, it doesn’t appear in Captain America MCU.

4. Muscle wounds that actually occur

There was a scene in the Civil War when Steve Rogers held the helicopter with one hand.

It is one of the iconic scenes in this film.

And apparently, the scene really hurt the biceps or Chris Evans’s arm muscles.

Even so, there was no problem with Chris Evans’s muscle injury, because it was paid appropriately, namely shooting according to expectations.

5. Super American is another name for Captain America

This character was born when World War 2 was finished, so the atmosphere of conflict was still felt, one of which was the opponent of Captain America, Adolf Hitler.

Captain America was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby in hopes of being a very great patriotic character in their country, America.

Previously, Joe Simon wanted to name this character under the name Super American.

6. The greatness of Roger is not everything from Serum

“All that is special from you, comes from bottles (serum)”, said Tony Stark in the first Avengers movie

Is it true?

Apparently not.

Steve Rogers has this strong physique because of the results of the experiment, but not all that is special about him comes from the serum bottle.

Leadership and wisdom are derived from himself, as well as the ingenuity he has.

In addition, language skills and the ability to paint also come from yourself.

7. Captain America Worthy of Appointing Mjolnircaptain america mjolnir thor

Only a few characters deserve to appoint Mjolnir, and Captain America is one of them.

His leadership skills and wisdom are some of the conditions for being able to hold Mjolnir.

8. Captain America Not only Steve Rogerscaptain america and falcon

Steve Rogers is Captain America, but Captain America isn’t always Steve Rogers.

There are several other characters who have been Captain America, the two most famous are Sam “Falcon”, and Bucky “Winter Soldier”.

9. Chris Evans’s shocking muscles

In the Captain America movie: The First Avengers, when Steve Rogers came out when he was muscular, Carter approached Steve Rogers and held his chest muscles, then showed a surprised expression.

Apparently, actress Hayley Atwell was really surprised by the muscular muscles of Chris Evans.

10. Captain America is a HYDRA spy

One of the surprising things is that Captain America is actually a spy from HYDRA.

The “Heil Hydra” from Captain America has happened in comics. (Glamovie).

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