The Bookshop Movie Review, Release Date USA, Cast and Synopsis – The Bookshop movie review, release date USA, cast – The Bookshop is an August 24 broadcast drama film in the United States. The film is directed by Isabel Coixet who is also the screenwriter with Penelope Fitzgerald (based on the novel).

The main player starred Emily Mortimer, Bill Nighy, Patricia Clarkson.

Produced by A Contracorriente Films, Diagonal TV, Zephyr Films with an estimated budget of around 3.4 million euros.

Focused on a young 16-year-old widow who continues to pursue her dream of owning and operating a bookstore in a village called Hardbourough, Suffolk, UK. She is Mrs. Green, a woman of integrity, (Emily Mortimer).

We know him by how he treats others and develops the relationships he has in his new city where he lives.

Christine, is a local girl who works in her book shop even though she doesn’t like reading.

Besides Christine, there is also a boy, Wally, who is carrying out the task of sending correspondence from Florence to Mr. Brundish (Bill Nighy). They came to admire Florence Green, seeing his courage when he opposed the wishes of the local socialite, Violet Gamart. (Patricia Clarkson).


Based on Penelope Fitzgerald’s novel with the same title; ‘The Bookshop’ this film set was in 1959.

Florence Green (Emily Mortimer), a widow with a free spirit, puts her sorrow behind her and risks everything to open a bookstore

first store in a quiet seaside town in Hardborough, England. Against local ignorance, he struggled to build himself and soon his fate changed for the better by directing the thinking of narrow-minded local people to the best literature of the time.

He began to open their eyes, causing a cultural awakening in a city that had not changed for centuries.

The activity brought enthusiasm in the figure of Mr. Brundish (Bill Nighy) where he was fed up with the always boring city atmosphere.

But the social revolution of the village class soon had an enemy.

When Florence refused to submit to Gamart’s will, they began the struggle not only for the bookstore, but for the soul of the newly changed city. (Glamovie – The Bookshop movie review, release date USA, cast).

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