Terminator 6 Cast Highlight 3 Hero Girls, One of them from Terminator 2

Glamovie – Terminator 6 cast. The Terminator 6 film project is still in the shooting stage. Some old stars were involved again. In addition to Arnold Schwarzenegger, actress Linda Hamilton was also asked to join.

Apparently, Linda, who is aged 61, is not the only main actress in Terminator 6. Through posters exhibited by Paramount Pictures, there are three gallant women as central figures, including Linda Hamilton.

As delivered by Ace Showbiz, Thursday (08/02/2018), Linda Hamilton, who plays Sarah Connor again, is seen standing with two actresses who are not too foreign to Hollywood movie lovers.

The first actress to stand right at Linda Hamilton’s side in the first Terminator 6 poster was Mackenzie Davis. He plays a killer warrior named Grace. While on the other side is Natalia Reyes, actor Dani Ramos.

In his position, Linda Hamilton held a rifle, while Davis held a crowbar. Meanwhile, Reyes was seen not holding anything alias empty-handed.

There is no further information about Terminator 6. However, it is known that this film will be a direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Planned, this film will air in 2019. (Glamovie).