Some of Captain America’s achievements in Marvel films – Captain America is an experienced super soldier. That makes him more dangerous than Black Widow and Hawkeye, which are more or less truly human. But he is not a genius with sophisticated armor, a monster capable of defeating a god, a real Asgard god, or possessing magic power.

Does that mean Captain America is less useful in big conflicts?

No. Combined determination power, combat training, and super soldier serum strength makes Captain a threat to anyone.

Freeing HYDRA prisoners when they don’t have Vibranium shield

captain america vs hydra

The moment when Steve felt he had to act was one of the greatest achievements. So great, even he was immediately appointed as a frontline soldier, not an actor anymore.

Before this incident, Steve’s fighting experience was very high. But he dared to enter enemy bases alone, completely without support. He also has no official costume and Vibranium shield. The costume he wore was only a stage costume covered in a jacket. The shield is only a stage property.

But Captain managed to free prisoners of war, including Bucky, and encouraged the Red Skull to destroy one of his bases.

Able to Withstand Mjolnir’s Swing

captain america vs thor

Mjolnir is one of the strongest weapons in the Marvel film world. One masterpiece from Nidavellir.

In one scene in Avengers 1, Captain America tries to ask Thor to hold back. But Thor ignored him until he fought Captain.

His Thor was thrown, many trees fell, but Captain could still stand up again.

Destroy SHIELD Fighter Plane alone

captain america vs sheild

At Avengers 1 Captain is covered by the roles of other heroes. The Hulk proved his strength by dropping Chitauri’s Leviathan, and made Loki a toy.

(Previously, Loki was able to urge Captain in a duel in Germany).

Iron Man also destroyed the Leviathan, then flew nuclear through Wormhole, destroying the Chitauri fleet before entering more Earth.

The strength of the hammer and lightning from Thor became a mainstay to further destroy the Chitauri soldiers.

The Russo Brothers then proved that Captain was truly extraordinary in The Winter Soldier. He destroyed one sophisticated fighter alone.

Together with Falcon causes the destruction of Helicarrier HYDRA

captain america and falcon

In the climax scene of The Winter Soldier, Falcon and Captain America try to destroy the Helicarrier which will become HYDRA’s ultimate weapon. At that time, weapons from each Helicarrier were targeted at people who were considered dangerous by HYDRA.

Thor and Hulk might be safe, but Hawkeye or Stephen Strange can avoid it if they suddenly become victims of artillery fire.

Captain and Falcon don’t have much support. The loyal SHIELD crew was killed by Winter Soldier before they could fly providing support. But Captain can destroy three Helicarriers, even though it’s a little time.

He is also a character in the movie The Winter Soldier which proved capable of defeating Winter Soldier. Even Captain seems to be able to kill Winter Soldier if the HYDRA soldier is not Bucky.

Defeat Iron Man

captain america vs iron man

Iron Man is probably the third strongest Avengers. He has increasingly sophisticated armor.

Iron Man is no longer a soldier, but a combat machine that can fight a small army alone.

Bucky was successfully paralyzed by Tony around the middle of the fight, so Captain had to fight alone. However, Captain and Tony seemed unhappy with the outcome of this fight.

Captain must drop his shield, because he feels he doesn’t deserve it. While Iron Man lost one of his allies.

Freeing His Colleagues at The Raft Despite a little Help

the raft

After the end of the Civil War, almost all of the Captain America team members were in The Raft prison.

Raft is a prison in the middle of a tightly guarded ocean.

Steve Rogers went in there, defeating all the soldiers who tried to stop him, then released all the Raft prisoners.

This proves that when facing an army of ordinary people, Steve Rogers alone is very capable.

Safe from Fight on the elevator

captain america vs hydra

Brock Rumlow and the HYDRA soldiers were really preparing to stop Captain America. They intend to ambush Captain in the elevator. Narrow space will inhibit Captain’s movement so he cannot do acrobatic actions that are difficult to anticipate. Rumlow has also brought equipment that is special handcuffs, to stimulate Captain’s movements.

The soldiers assigned to deal with Captain also consisted of large-bodied men. Their numbers were large, until the lift felt almost full.

What did Captain do?

He beat them all. All the equipment prepared by Rumlow, all HYDRA agents who fight him, collapsed.

One of the keys to this scene is: Captain America repeatedly restrains the shock of a special stick that HYDRA agents carry. Tools like this are usually enough to subvert cattle.

Captain receives multiple shots but he can still fight.

Rumlow should have prepared a stun stick with a higher voltage.

Actually HYDRA is still preparing a backup plan: there are already combat units ready to block Captain when the elevator stops. But Captain can also get away from it.

Holding Thanos’s Hand to Close

captain america vs thanos

For those who don’t know the significance of this scene: Thanos’s hand must close so that Infinity Gauntlet can activate the effect.

Iron Man and Doctor Strange used technology and magic to make it harder for Thanos to close his hands on Titan.

When Thanos arrived at Wakanda, Infinity Gauntlet was almost complete. Captain America then held Thanos’s hand so as not to close.

During this moment, Captain managed to make Thanos unable to use Gauntlet and he succeeded.

The annoyed expression shown from Thanos’s face was created because he was unable to close his hand. Of course, in the end Thanos chose to use his physical strength to hit Captain.

Captain can still rise again after that. In fact, Thanos’s previous blow was proven capable of making the Hulk K.O. (Glamovie).

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