Some Most Dangerous enemies of Thor, but not yet appeared on film – Thor is one of the characters in Marvel Comics and at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Like other superheroes, of course Thor also has enemies, and many enemies are dangerous, because the power level of Thor is like a god.

1. Algrim the Strong

kurse algrim thor the dark world

Kurse, or his real name is Algrim is one of Dark Elves from Svartalfheim. He was the leader of the Malekith army.

From his race, Algrim was the strongest and had the largest body, even Thor had difficulty defeating him.

Not only was Thor, Beta Ray Bill, who Algrim had mistakenly thought Thor was helpless and almost dead.

Has Algrim appeared in a Marvel movie?

He has appeared in Thor: The Dark World, and is one of the most dangerous Malekith members. Thor lost to Algrim, and he also stabbed Loki.

He died in the film because it was destroyed with a black hole.

2. Destroyer

destroyer vs thor

He is the enemy of Thor in comics, and he also appeared in the first Thor film.

Destroyer is made in almost the same way as Mjolnir, and also has similar strengths. That made Thor feel like fighting with his own strength.

Odin creates a Destroyer to defeat Celestials. But Destroyer has a weakness, that is, he is easily controlled by bad people, one of which is Loki.

3. Gorr

gorr vs thor

Previously, Gorr was not evil. But he experienced a dark past, and no “Gods” answered his prayer and did not help him.

Gorr was angry and no longer believed in Dewa, even though they existed and lived at the same time as Gorr.

4. Perrikus

perrikus marvel thor

Thor’s next enemy was Perrikus, a Dark Gods who was different from the Gods in Asgard.

Perrikus was very strong, even he was dubbed as a God who had unlimited strength and energy. Not only that, its durability is also very strong. He was able to withstand attacks from Mjolnir, even able to destroy Mjolnir.

5. Jormungand

jormungand vs thor

He is the enemy of Thor in comics which is dangerous, but not shaped like a human, namely Jormungand the Midgard Serpent.

This giant dragon is already in Nordic mythology, the origin of Thor’s origin. Its main strength is the resilience of the body and its strong attack ability, and only those who are equivalent to Thor or more can make Jormungand hurt.

Even so, Jormungand is rarely shown to get serious injuries.

6. Ymir

ymir marvel thor

Ymir is the oldest Frost Giant, and of course he is very strong, and is nicknamed as winter walking, because wherever he is, surely cold and snow can appear.

His body made of ice was even very hard to destroy, and could barely sense the wound.

7. Surtur

surtur thor ragnarok

Besides Ymir, there is one more giant based on the natural element that is Thor’s comic enemy, namely Surtur.

Surtur at MCU also appeared in the Thor Ragnarok film, although it was greatly reduced in strength.

In fact, Odin, Thor’s father had sacrificed his life twice to defeat Surtur.

This Fire Devil has great physical strength, plus a powerful Twillight Sword and can fight magic or the like.

8. Odin

thor odin loki

It’s very clear, Odin is at a different level from Thor. Odin can beat Thanos, Odin makes Dormammu scared, even when he dies, the entire solar system experiences its effects.

In the family, a fight will occur, including his father and son. Likewise with Thor and Odin. They both want to be reliable, and sometimes they have different views on things.

Odin can be a dangerous enemy of Thor.

9. Mangog

mangog vs thor

Mangog is one of Thor’s most difficult enemies to defeat.

It is said that Mangog is a creature created from hatred that is piled together. That is hatred from those who die because of Asgard and Odin.

Even though his body was large, Mangog was very agile, and really troubled Thor. In addition, his physical strength is also far beyond Thor.

In some stories, Mangog has worked with Thanos the Mad Titan several times.

10. Galactus

galactus marvel thor

Galactus is a character that brings cosmic power to Marvel, and can do many things, namely creating black holes and destroying a planet.

Galactus does have a hobby of eating planets, so Thor and other superheroes need a long time to defeat Galactus. (Glamovie).

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