Some Cool Movies with Blemish Inside – Making a perfect film might be the dream of all producers and people in the film industry. Making a perfect film means making a masterpiece that can last even for years.

So far we have seen films that are considered perfect films. Some of them even last for decades and are still being watched until now.

But to make a perfect film requires perseverance, because if not, then the fate of the perfect film will have a blemish.

So what films are considered cool but have blemishes?

The Matrix – Battery Person

the matrix

In the past, The Matrix was a very cool film with lots of creativity. Setting a background in the matrix world with many difficult computing effects, The Matrix changed the perspective of past action films.

In addition, the iconic slow motion scene from this film succeeded in influencing other films to take similar slow motion actions.

But behind the perfection of this film, there is a thing that does not make sense when they put the battery element of a person.

This person’s battery is used so that the matrix machine keeps running.

As a result, instead of getting a lot of praise, this person’s battery is considered an unreasonable thing.

The Dark Knight – Joker, Man with Myriad Plans

joker batman the dark knight

Nobody denies that Heath Ledger’s acting on The Dark Knight as Joker is one of the best super villain acting of all time. Playing a crazy Joker is not easy because if you are not expert, the Joker won’t look crazy.

But there is one quote that makes the plot of the film contradictory.


When Harvey Dent was injured, Joker said,

“Do I look like someone who has a plan?”

Even though throughout the film, the Joker always committed his crime with a very mature plan.

Because of this quote, the film The Dark Knight has become one of the coolest films that has a blemish.

Toy Story – Buzz does not believe that he is a toy

toy story

Toy STory is considered one of the best Pixar films ever made. This film takes toys as the main focus that will live when no one sees.

One of the main characters in this film is Buzz, which is a toy wearing astronaut clothes.

Buzz doesn’t believe that it’s a toy. But there are some scenes that show that Buzz is only silent when Andy is in his room. In fact, if he is sure not a toy, why not talk to Andy?

Star Wars – Obi Wan’s lies

star wars

Star Wars did not survive the notion of being a cool movie that has blemishes.

This film is indeed very solid from any point of view, but there is one moment where Obi Wan is lying. His lies even made Star Wars absurd in terms of story.

He once said that Anakin was betrayed and killed by Darth Vader. But in reality, Darth Vader itself is Anakin.

This is indeed an explanation, but this explanation can only be seen from a certain point of view.

Psycho – Explanation


Psycho is one film that is intended for people with strong characteristics. The film has many sadistic scenes because it tells about murder.

But there is one scene where this scene finally makes everyone don’t understand what’s happening.

The scene that is difficult to understand is intended to censor parts that are too sadistic. No wonder Psycho finally became one of the coolest films that had a blemish.

Lord of the Rings – False Death

the lord of the rings

There is no denying that Lord of the Rings is one of the best films ever. But in this film there is a tiring scene, which is a lot of fake deaths.

It is undeniable that this false death was intended to make the situation in the film even tense. But try to think about it, Froddo was stabbed twice in close time but didn’t die. Even Aragorn was thrown from a high cliff but he was still safe.

It is only for tension, but if it is too often it becomes boring and seems very cliché.

The Shawshank Redemption – Andy Shoes Should Be Requested

the shawshank redemption

One of the famous scenes in this film was when Andy Dufresne tried to get a guard’s shoes.

Andy was successful in stealing the shoes, but there was an absurd scene. Andy was caught wearing guards’ shoes.

In the real world it will not happen unless you are someone who likes to see someone from top to bottom. Moreover, the guard shoes worn by Andy were covered by his jeans.

The Usual Suspects – Keyser Söze Provides Original Identity

the usual suspects

From the beginning it was desperate to maintain its identity, but then gave its original identity and it was done by Keyser Soze.

Soze has a real identity named Verbal Kint.

Maybe this is one of the most ridiculous scenes because investigative films like this should be better executed.

Regrettably indeed because The Usual Suspects is one of the most interesting investigative films ever.

Looper – will not be killed in the future


Inconsistent stories may become self-attacking weapons for Looper films.

Setting a past background with the future, this film presents a complicated plot and there is one inconsistent scene.

Supposedly if in the past we cut the finger, in the future our finger is gone. There is indeed a Looper, but some moments do not occur between the future and the past. Even in the past we killed people, but that person stayed alive in the future.

Too complex this film makes a good concept Loope is not good at execution.

The Shining – Can See Helicopter Shadows at the Beginning

the shining

The Shining is a cool movie and from anywhere this film can still be enjoyed.

Opened with an epic scene, this film actually has a mistake at the beginning.

At the beginning of the film we are given a landscape from above to see the events around. But the mistake is to see a helicopter shadow taking the picture. The shadow of the helicopter makes the perfection of this film tarnished. (Glamovie).

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