‘SLENDER MAN’, Is it true that the Horror Story of Mysterious Men Is Just a Tale?

Glamovie.com – In 2009, the character of Slender Man (Slenderman) was widely discussed on the internet. The popularity of fictional characters from horror stories scattered on the internet was even adapted to games and finally made into film versions.

The film version of Slender Man has been announced to be made since May 2016. A year later, after all casts were collected, filming began to take place in Massachusetts.

When the first trailer of the film was released, it was immediately discussed by the public.

SLENDER MAN himself chose to hold the stars who are not too big names like Joey King, Julia Goldani Telles, Jaz Sinclair, Annalize Basso, Taylor Richardson, Alex Fitzalan, Kevin Chapman, and Javier Botet.

Then is the film version of SLENDER MAN the same as the stories circulating from previous years?

A Real Tale

SLENDER MAN carries a horror story where the story of Slender Man means that this tall man is talked about in the small town of Massachusetts.

From the description told, Slender Man is a tall man who wore a suit with long hands that also resembled tentacles.

A group of teenage girls intend to prove that the story of Slender Man is just a rumor. They even went to the ritual to prove whether the figures in the stories to scare the children were real. It was unexpected, since the rituals were carried out one by one from them, they disappeared mysteriously.

Those who tried to investigate the matter of Slender Man ended up haunted by him.

Early Appearance

Slender Man who carried his story in this film appeared in 2009 for a photoshop contest in a forum by the username Victor Surge who turned out to be the real name Eric Knudsen.

From the picture made, there was a tall, thin man with a group of children.

When posting the photo, Victor Surge also wrote the caption about this horror character who was told to be a person who kidnapped and even killed children. From here, other stories about Slender Man appear.

Because of the popularity of this horror character story, it was made into the version of the game namely Slender: The Eight Pages and Slender: The Arrival.

Proof of Slender Man?

After the popularity of the Slender Man story, not a few who argue that the story is indeed a local tale in an area. On the other hand, after the popularity of the mystical figure which was actually made by Victor Surge, there were many incidents associated with Slender Man. First, the incident that occurred in Waukesha, two 12-year-old girls stabbed their classmates 19 times.

According to the two boys’ obedience, they had to commit murder so that their families were not killed by Slender Man.

From police investigations, it was revealed that they were both mentally unstable.

In another incident, a mother revealed that her 13-year-old son tried to attack him with a knife, the story of Slender Man was allegedly the motivation of the attack.

To prove the matter of Slender Man is just fiction or not, you can try watching the movie. (Glamovie).

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