Skyscraper: When The Rock Becomes a Brave Hero and Sweetheart Family – Skyscraper film begins with a human dream to reach the sky. The dreamer is Zhao (Chin Han), a Hong Kong billionaire who built a multifunctional skyscraper, which is even taller than the Burj Khalifa.

Zhao intended to open the upper floor of the building to be used as an apartment block. For that, he hired the services of Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson), a security consultant.

Will Sawyer turned out to have a dark past. He was a former FBI soldier who had an accident until one of his legs was amputated from the knee down. But thanks to this accident, he also has a happy little family with his wife, Sarah (Neve Campbell), and his two twin children.

What Will Sawyer didn’t expect, this job from Zhao would bring disaster to him.


After receiving a tablet that could control the security of Zhao’s building, Will Sawyer became the target of a mysterious group. This not only endangered his life, but also his family who lived in the Zhao building.

The plot burned the floor where Sawyer’s family lived.

Initially, the building’s security system was able to isolate fires so they did not spread to the top of the building. But because of the interference of the mob, the fire began to spread.

Unfortunately, Will Sawyer is now accused of being responsible for the fire incident.

Family Lovers Heroes

Like the other Dwayne Johnson films, The Rock, Skyscraper also features a role that is as if it was designed for this former wrestler. That is a tough, courageous hero who is ready to face whatever challenges prevent him.

But what is different from typical characters of the same type, there is one different nuance in the role played by The Rock in Skyscraper. The Rock doesn’t appear macho 100 percent. He actually displays a more melancholy and even fragile side, especially as a father who wants to protect his family.

His acting is not yet spectacular or evocative, but at least it has given a deeper dimension to this character.

No worries

Another interesting thing from Skyscraper is the tension that builds up quite intense, starting from the early minutes.

No need to be long-winded, this film goes straight into the heart of the story.

From here, the plot runs quickly.

What makes Skyscraper even more exciting, Rawson director and scriptwriter Marshall Thurber opens one twist at a time in the story, from the beginning to the end of the film. As a result, the audience was increasingly at home in this film.

Make Bro
But to enjoy this film in full, the audience seems to have to ‘turn off’ their critical thoughts. The term ‘cool’, suspension of disbelief. The reason is, there are a number of things that do not make sense in this film – both general logic and the question of science – which, if thought about more and more, would make a nag.

Now, if you start to find things that don’t make sense, just remember one classic greeting: “the name is also film”.

If this is done successfully, Skyscraper can actually be a rather fun time-filling film. (Glamovie).

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