SHIELD will be back after Avengers 4? Maybe this is the reason! – Vulture said that Maria Hill and Nick Fury will return to Spider-Man: Far From Home. Is this a SHIELD sign back after Avengers 4? If so, maybe this is the reason this organization is needed again!

Actually the news has interesting implications. Far From Home will take the background after Avengers 4. So this news seems to confirm that Nick Fury, who disappeared in Phase 3, will again become an important player in Marvel’s future.

1. Heroes Need a Mentor Figure

In Phase 3, there were two figures who were used as role models by Marvel movie characters. The first is Tony Stark, the second is Steve Rogers.

Steve Rogers counts that he will not survive Avengers 4, because Chris Evans seems to have determined that this is his last film as Captain America.

Tony Stark, who has been with Marvel films since 2008, is also suspected of dying or retiring after Avengers 4.

Even if all the heroes who died in Infinity War again, they were between returning to space (GotG), had long been known as a villain (Winter Soldier), or even still in action (Black Panther, Spider-Man).

Nick Fury is a person whose career at Marvel Cinematic Universe has been along Tony Stark. He first appeared on Iron Man’s post-credits 1. So when it comes to experience and reputation, he is the most prominent.

2. The world is in a new era of superheroes

In the Infinity Gauntlet comic, damage from Thanos’s finger was recovered by the Nebula by turning around a week before Thanos’s attack.

Some heroes even forget about the total incident against Thanos.

But let’s assume that Avengers 4 will take a different path, and everyone remembers what happened to Thanos.

The world should realize that Sokovia Accord almost caused the destruction of half the universe. (The heroes are divided, and late to unite to stop Thanos).

The condition of the world will certainly be more worried about the threat of attacks like Thanos. So, the heroes who roam are also mostly new.

Instead of maintaining Sokovia Accord, in a situation like this the UN will ask SHIELD to be re-formed to anticipate threats such as Thanos and also oversee the new heroes in action.

3. Time Rotating Effect

There is news that Avengers 4 will show a journey across time. Tony Stark and Scott Lang even interacted with Cap, whose clothes were like the Avengers 1 era.

If Steve Rogers from the future also returns to the past and he meets Nick Fury, Steve can tell Fury that HYDRA has mastered SHIELD. Fury can use this information to fight back HYDRA before HYDRA tries to disable it like in Winter Soldier.

The effect?

If this happens, SHIELD might never dissolve. Maybe this is even what the heroes expected.

In the past, SHIELD research was able to develop weapons such as energy cannons from Destroyers. (Coulson used to shoot Loki). If SHIELD continues to exist, they might be able to provide intelligence and new technology to help the heroes.

4 Fury Decides More Active After Infinity War

SHIELD actually still exists in the world of Marvel Cinematic Universe. The television series may not be considered at all by the big screen, but in the Age of Ultron SHIELD also has its own crew.

Fury might still be in action, only he had decided to turn over the world’s problems to Tony Stark and his friends, while he handled other problems from behind the shadow.

That decision led to him and half the universal population was destroyed.

If Fury still remembers this event, maybe he would consider this as a sign that he still had to be more active in the superhero business. Therefore, even though not UN-sponsored, Fury and Maria Hill will be more active in supervising the activities of the heroes. Including Spidey in Far From Home.

5. SHIELD May Have Destroyed HYDRA Remaining

At the end of The Winter Soldier, Nick Fury was officially considered dead. He and Steve spoke in front of his “grave”.

With this new status, Fury became more free to hunt for the remnants of HYDRA. Chances are, Fury hasn’t been seen so far because he still uses the remnants of SHIELD to handle the stubborn HYDRA members.

After the HYDRA problem is completely resolved, Fury may feel there is no harm in returning to the superheroes.

6. Anticipating New Threats

Because of the destruction of SHIELD and Sokovia Accord, the world is too divided to anticipate Thanos’s attack. But after Thanos lost everything will be peaceful forever?

I don’t think so.

If eternal peace is created, Marvel cannot release more films. Remember, Disney has now almost acquired the total property of 21st Century Fox films, including X-Men and Galactus.

SHIELD returns after Avengers 4 may be due to threats from a new figure, such as Galactus, Annihilus, or even Magneto-led mutants.

To deal with this new threat, Fury took the initiative to gather new Avengers. (Glamovie).

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