Sehun Fighting in the Web Movie Preview ‘Dokgo Rewind’ – After starring in the web drama “EXO Next Door” and an unreleased production film, Sehun EXO again showed his acting skills. A 1994 born singer who starred in a web film titled “Dokgo Rewind”.

Ahead of the broadcast, “Dokgo Rewind” released a preview clip featuring Sehun, Cho Byung Kyu and Ahn Bo Hyun.

In the clip, Kang Hyuk (Sehun) is said to be ending the fight between Kim Jong Il and Pyo Tae Jin.

“What are you doing? Just try and raise your hands. I will really kill you,” Kang Hyuk said.

When Kim Jong Il and Pyo Tae Jin ignored him, he broke by saying,

“I will really kill you.”

Kang Hyuk’s words had no effect, precisely he was involved in a fight.

At one point, the three agreed to let go of hair to each other’s hair, but it was even fun to pull harder.

“As long as you know, if you were from the beginning, (this fight) has finished earlier,” Pyo Tae Jin said when they finally stopped.

“You didn’t see this? If before I won, you would have died,” Kim Jong Il said, taking out a pencil.

“I can’t break their bones, huh?” Kang Hyuk’s right.

“Dokgo Rewind” tells the story of Kang Hyuk (Sehun), a brave high school student and wants revenge on a school gang for the death of his brother who died of violence.

In the process of revenge, Kang Hyuk meets with Pyo Tae Jin (Ahn Bo Hyun), a former wrestler and Kim Jong Il (Cho Byung Kyu) who tries to get out of the school gang.

“Dokgo Rewind” will be released on September 7 and fans can watch it through the Oksusu application. (Glamovie).

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