Second Act Movie 2018 Cast Release Date – Second Act movie 2018 cast release date – Comedy film with airing schedule November 21, 2018. Directed by Peter Segal, written by Jennifer Lopez and Justin Zackham, produced by Nuyorican Productions and distributed by STX Entertainment.

The main player starred Jennifer Lopez, Leah Remini, Dan Bucatinsky, Vanessa Hudgens, Milo Ventimiglia and Charlyne Yi.

This film is based on the ideas coined by Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Justin Zackham.

Dan Bucatinsky will play someone from the South with an MBA and work with a character starring Jennifer Lopez at Value Club as a team coach.

Focusing on a woman who almost never worked, she was forced to do a task.

A music store employee rediscovered his life and style, which earned him the opportunity to prove to the mecca of the great people on Madison Avenue, that smart people on the streets are no less great than those who hold bachelor degrees.

. Milo Ventimiglia as Trey
. Vanessa Hudgens as Zoe
. Jennifer Lopez as Maya
. Leah Remini as Joan
. Freddie Stroma as Ron
. Charlyne Yi
. Treat Williams as Anderson Clarke
. Dave Foley as Felix Herman
. Larry Miller as Weiskopf
. Annaleigh Ashford as Hildy
. Alan Aisenberg as Chase
. Elizabeth Masucci as Claire
. And Bucatinsky as Arthur
. Natasha Romanova as Researcher
. Kelly P. Williams as F & C Employee
. Dalton Harrod as Dilly
. Candace Smith as F & C Shopper
. John James Cronin as Otto
. Alex Perez as Value Shop Employee
. Phil Nee as Philip Jiang
. Anna Suzuki as Alicia Zhou
. Maria at Angelis as Xmas Party Guest
. Roya Shanks as Reporter
. Dierdre Friel as Ant
. Lacretta as Suzi Teplitsky
. Kenneth Lee as Chemist
. Meng Ai as Dr. Chow
. Angel Christian Roman
. Ruben Navarro as F & C Employee
. Joshua Daniels as Business Man
. Tiffany Eatz as Audience Member (uncredited)
. Tiffany M. Johnson as Birthday Party Guest (uncredited)

. Justin Zackham
.Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas

. Peter Segal

. Comedy
. Romance

Release Date
. November 21, 2018

. English

Country of Origin
. USA. (Glamovie).

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