Russo Brothers’ Considerations Determine Thanos Victims – There were many surprising things about Thanos’s flicking. After a long time Marvel Cinematic Universe always ended with the victory of the heroes, Infinity War was closed with the victory of its main antagonist. Not only that, the remaining heroes are also shocking. It’s not that fresh faces that should have a long career, the survivors are precisely the veteran actors whose most contracts are about to run out. (Especially Chris Evans).

What are the considerations of Russo Brothers determining the victims of Thanos? This is the answer from Anthony Russo,

“Regarding our choice of who destroyed Thanos by flicking his finger, you know it’s very focused on the story. How we give the results of each story from individual characters with profound impact. The first to disappear was Bucky Barnes, and the scene was highlighted from the perspective of Captain America. You know we watched the Cap feel seeing Bucky disappear. We see Okoye, whose number one life mission is to protect his king. He saw the king disappear before his eyes. To see how these figures react to the situation have a strong and deep impact. ”

In addition to what was mentioned by Anthony Russo, it should also be remembered that the Star-Lord had seen Drax and Mantis disappear, so that the Star-Lord truly felt the effects of his mistakes. (Then he becomes a victim too).

Tony Stark also saw Peter, who was like his foster child, lost in his grasp.

Then Rocket sees Groot, the GotG member who is closest to him, to be ashes right in front of him. Rocket also seems to know that Groot said “Dad” to him before he disappeared.

So the point is, to determine Thanos’s victim, Russo Bersaudara uses the choice that can be the most non-viewer. Sadistic too.

Do you feel the Infinity War ending is very non-corner? Beware of Avengers 4.

For now, there is speculation that in the end those who survived in Infinity War will lose their lives, so that those who fall can return.

Is that right?

We should look forward to it.

Avengers 4 should be released April-May 2019, and by the end of the year we have got a trailer, synopsis, and promo poster. (Glamovie).

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