Reportedly Dead, Rowan Atkinson Performs in ‘Johnny English 3’ – In July, there was news of the death of actor actor Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson. This news spread after the news that the actor died in a car accident in Los Angeles. However, in reality Rowan came to greet fans with her action in the “Johnny English Strikes Again” trailer.

In the trailer, Focus Features and Working Title Pictures present a variety of hilarious actions by the secret agent played by Rowan.

Repeating his role as a secret agent and spy, Johnny English presents silly behavior that tickles fans. That is firing rockets at a group of people who are cycling, throwing people off a multi-storey bus, hitting people who are reading books, and hitting bakers.

“Johnny English Strikes Again” will tell you that the spy has been a school teacher since he saved the world in 2011 in “Johnny English Reborn”. But when a cyber attack revealed the identity of all agents active in the UK, Rowan was forced out of retirement and became the last hope to control the situation.

Joining Angus Bough, still played by Ben Miller, they acted with a mission to find hacking masterminds.

As a man with few skills and analog methods, Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) has to face the challenges of modern technology to make this mission a success.

With an unexpected method, the duo is immediately trapped in a dangerous situation with a ridiculous and funny twist.

Besides Rowan and Ben, Emma Thompson and Olga Kurylenko will also show their acting skills in this film. Emma will act as a new Prime Minister, while Olga becomes a villain who always looks seductive and charming.

“Johnny English Strikes Again” is expected to repeat the success of the two previous films.

The first film, released in 2003, was made with a production budget of US $ 40 million and generated more than US $ 160 million in the global box office. Then the sequel released in 2011 also generated a total of US $ 160 million worldwide.

The third sequel to the “Johnny English” film series directed by David Kerr with a script written by William Davie. The film is planned to be released on September 20 in the United States. (Glamovie).

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