Prediction of 6 events that can occur in Avengers 4 – Is it possible that after Avengers 4 credit will display X-Men and Fantastic Four? From the words of several actors and events in the Infinity War, there were several events that could occur in Avengers 4.

1. Scott Lang will play a huge role

Scott Lang will be the key to defeat Thanos at the Avengers. 4. He alone can be very helpful if he participates in the Infinity War. If Thanos was off guard, it could have attacked the Pym Particles to make Thanos shrink, he could release from Infinity Gauntlet.

There are allegations that there will be a cross-country trip at the Avengers. 4. Scott, who was trapped in the Quantum Realm, could be the reason for this trip between times.

Scott may not be too long, trapped in Quantum Nature. It could be that because of worry about what happened to Hope and the Pym family, Scott really entered the Time Warn that was warned.

This time vortex then brought Scott into the future. Because of that Tony looks older than the last time we saw, there was news if Cassie Lang was a teenager, but Scott remained like that.

This Quantum Nature Time Warrior will later be used by Tony to make his own machine.

2. Thanos Will Be More Cruel and Brutal

One of the Avengers promo posters 4 shows Thanos back using armor. There are indications that Thanos will be more brutal in Avengers 4, with or without Infinity Gauntlet.

The cause is this.

In Infinity War, Thanos still feels He has a noble goal. Therefore, it cannot do anything that does not need to be given by Asgard.

In the end, besides Heimdall and Loki, the hero who died in Thanos’s hands (not because of flicking Infinity Gauntlet) is only Gamora, which he really needs to get rid of.

He even forgave Tony Stark.

What happens if people have to condemn what “news” teaches?

Thanos can really go berserk. He will come cruelly and mercilessly to make sure Tony Stark and the others can separate the results, which he has done.

It could be that more lives will fall in Thanos’s hands.

3. Steve Rogers Will Barter Life

In Infinity War, Steve Rogers is not interested in exchanging Vision’s life for the universe. In the end, it is not first stored by Visi and Univers.

One of the events that can occur in Avengers 4 is, Steve Rogers will actually exchange his life.

The thing he said he didn’t want to do in Infinity War.

This is a Fatal Mistake of the Captain America Decision on Infinity War! Captain America said he did not want to exchange lives. But the decision he judged was worse. Rogers is really at its lowest point now. He had struggled to save Bucky, but Bucky had turned to ashes.

He had bought Sam Wilson, sang Falcon, as a good friend in the modern era. But Sam is ashes. This heroic stamp might really allow him to die in an important event so that Bucky and Sam can be restored. Because Avengers 4 will be Chris Evans’ last film.

4. Those who perish because they flicked Thanos will return

Shocked when Spider-Man and Black Panther are destroyed in Infinity War? But Spider-Man is certain to return via the Spider-Man movie: Far From Home. For a long time, I also knew that Far From Home would take a background after the Avengers 4 event.

Sebastian Stan also once said that there were scenes where dozens of characters acted at once. He saw Michael Douglas (Hank Pym) and Michelle Pfeiffer (Janet van Dyne), which should have been destroyed by Thanos.

Even Bucky himself was clearly destroyed by Thanos.

Don’t forget, too, that Tom Holland said Doctor Strange had a difficult dialogue about Quantum Nature, which is not in Infinity War. This indicates that Tony Stark and Scott Lang will later find a way to restore the heroes. Break more epic wars from the Wakanda War or battle on Titan, where all the heroes will fight Thanos.

But don’t be happy first, this epic battle won’t end happily. It could be that the results will be like Infinity Gauntlet, where Thanos was beaten up by many heroes but ended up winning.

5. Post-Credits will display the New X-Men and Fantastic Four?

For now, Disney really almost acquired 21st Century Fox and its film properties. Disney still has to get approval from a number of international parties, but it seems that this is no longer a significant problem.

Post-credits Avengers 4 will insert signs of X-Men and Fantastic Four appearances at the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Maybe, after the credits screen runs out, we will be shown the Earth that has been recovered and a mysterious man who removes adamantium nails.

The Wolverine or the new X-Men did not reveal his face directly. Most likely Disney will use a temporary actor before, before being determined who will become the new Wolverine.

6. At the end of the film, Captain Marvel becomes the new leader of the Avengers

You can’t be sure Captain America and Iron Man will survive Avengers 4. Thor, Hawkeye, and the Hulk are also doubtful.

Phase 4 will be a new chapter where the contents of Avengers may be almost all new. It seems there will only be one or two old heroes left to complete the group.

There will be a moment where Captain America bequeaths the position of the Avengers leader to Captain Marvel.

Carol Danvers will carry out this responsibility well, and at the end of Avengers 4 he is officially asked as the new leader of the Avengers. (Glamovie).

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