Power Rangers 2 Produced? This is Hasbro’s Response

Glamovie.com – Last week, there was an issue that said Hasbro would soon work on the sequel to Power Rangers. Now, Hasbro representatives open their voices about the possibility of this happening.

“We see the tremendous potential of the Power Rangers franchise for our brand, including widescreen cultivation. At present, we cannot convey anything specific about this. But we will convey if there are certain things related to that, “said Hasbro’s representative, as reported by Cinemablend, Monday (13/8/18).

Rumors about the sequel to the circulating Power Rangers after Hasbro officially purchased the Power Ranger and Zord series from Saban for USD522 million.

“About 25 years after the release of Power Rangers, I’m sure the future of this brand will be even brighter. Hasbro is a leader in terms of innovation, storytelling, and stewardship of a brand. Therefore we entrust this property to their hands. I can’t wait to work with Brian Goldner (CEO of Hasbro) and his team in the future, “said Haim Saban, founder of Saban Entertainment at the time.

But if Hasbro intends to work on the film, it seems that the performance of the project last year needs to be considered. For your information, the Power Rangers only pocketed USD142 million when it was released last year.

That achievement is not bad. But it can’t be said to be good because the production budget reaches USD105 million. But Hasbro’s expertise to transform their brand into a widescreen product is also not kidding. Transformers for example, was released in five series while G.I Joe worked on two series.

Although there is no green light from Hasbro about the Power Rangers’ work, but in fact the news was successful in making fans enthusiastic. They debated whether the sequel to Power Rangers would take the settings before or continue with the existing story. (Glamovie).

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