Not Yet the First Film Release, ‘Venom’ is Planned to Have a Sequel – ‘Venom’ is Sony Pictures’ latest project to be released this year. Being the first Spider-Verse film to be released, of course “Venom” is expected to be the spearhead that opens opportunities for Sony to develop this cinematic universe.

The film which tells the story of the anti-hero figure has received much enthusiasm in the community. Even recently, Tom Hardy who became the main character has opened up the opportunity for the production of the sequel “Venom”, although the spin-off which tells Spider-Man’s enemy has not been released.

But of course, Tom and Sony Pictures confirmed that the sequel’s production also depends on the results of the “Venom” broadcast later.

“We will see how the audience responds to the film. I think ‘Venom’ is an extraordinary character,” Tom said by NME on Wednesday (29/8).

Apparently, Sony is not only preparing a sequel to “Venom”.

Reportedly, the film that tells the character named Eddie Brock will become a bridge to Venom-verse, even the possibility of a trilogy will be made.

“We are all preparing to make our own universe. So whatever (movie) Sony wants to work on later, it is part of the universe. But let’s see what happens,” said the “The Revenant” actor.

“Venom” tells of Eddie Brock, a journalist who made coverage about amorphous extraterrestrial or commonly called symbiote. He interviewed Dr. Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) and then felt so curious about the symbiote. Eddie then tried to visit Carlton’s lab secretly, but he was attacked by one of the test subjects.

Eddie returned home in pain and began to hear strange sounds in his head.

When Carlton’s henchmen came to his apartment to kill him, he found his new abilities and turned into Venom.

“Venom” will also star a series of other famous stars, Michelle Williams and Jenny Slate.

With the script that was worked on by Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner, the plan for the first film from Sony Spider-Verse will be released on October 5. (Glamovie).

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