Nick Fury Will Act in Spider-Man: Far From Home! – There is interesting news for Nick Fury fans. This super spy is rumored to be performing in Spider-Man: Far From Home!

For those who don’t know, Far From Home itself is a sequel to Homecoming.

Not only Nick Fury, Maria Hill, played by Cobie Smulders, is also rumored to be performing at Far From Home.

This is interesting because the last time, Fury and Maria Hill both became ashes because of Thanos’s flicking.

Far From Home itself in the past (when Homecoming hasn’t been released) is said to take the background right after Avengers 4. For now Marvel Studio seems to be trying to cover up the facts they leaked first.

What is the meaning of the return of Nick Fury and Maria Hill? There is a sign that Tony Stark, who is Spidey’s mentor at Homecoming, will retire or even die at Avengers 4.

Spidey might need a new mentor to help guide him. Fury and Maria Hill can fill that role. Especially because Fury was the one who could manipulate the Avengers to unite against Loki, then give them the urge to confront Ultron.

Maria Hill and Fury actually never really relaxed. They did not appear in the Civil War, but seeing Fury’s action and style of speech at the end of Infinity War, it felt like Fury was still operating the remnants of SHIELD, which he showed in the Age of Ultron. It could also be if there was actually a big change in the world in Avengers 4, and in this world SHIELD was never destroyed because of the incident in Winter Soldier.

Whatever the cause, obviously the reappearance of this Fury is interesting.

Will he become a unifying hero again, like his role in Phase 1? You see, it is likely that after Avengers 4 the heroes are left, all new figures, so if there are no Tony Stark or Steve Rogers, the existence of the Fury will be needed again. (Glamovie).

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