Manbiki Kazuko Review Cast, Release Date – The Story of the Shoplifting Family – Manbiki Kazuko review Cast, Release Date – The story of the shoplifting family. A bitter tale about double-faced Japanese society. A family of small thieves who give a loving home to a little girl who is abused in the Kore-eda family drama Hirokazu.

Throughout his career, Kore-eda filmmaker Hirokazu has been worried about family relationships (especially father-son ties), as if they were the key to interpreting the soul of Japanese society.

Manbiki Kazoku means “Family Pengutil.

The film tells the comparison of the cold emotions of socially correct behavior with warmth and happiness in dishonest lower-class families, where all the methods for getting money are allowed, including teaching children to steal.

This film is a parable picture of a happy but unhappy family.

This film is full of memorable characters and good performances that can reflect social values.

The film is directed by Kore-eda, a director who is able to capture the contradictions and style of storytelling that is smooth and not rigid.

The story begins on a winter’s night. Osamu and his young son, Shota (Jyo Kairi), when they came out of the grocery store in a residential area and they found a 4-year-old girl who was cold on the balcony.

Osamu’s heart was moved and he brought home to the little girl.

His wife, Nobuyo (Ando Sakura) did not agree with her husband’s intention to adopt the little girl because it was considered to add to the burden on her family. Must give him food while they live in poverty.

But Osamu is not desperate. Until finally he saw the burn scar on the little girl’s arm. So he still adopted the child.

They live happily. Nobody thinks who exactly Yuri (the little girl) is and where she came from.

Little Yuri (Sasaki Miyu) quickly becomes familiar with Shota. Even Nobuyo began to feel Yuri as her own child.

They are happy even though they live in narrow and old-fashioned houses, while around them are nameless apartment buildings.

But their happiness is disturbed when the police search for Yuri. But the Osamu family is already fond of Yuri. They don’t want to hand Yuri over to the police. They disguise / hide Yuri’s identity.

They cut Yuri’s hair and changed her name to “Rin”.

. Aoi Pro. Inc.

. Lily Frank
. Ando Sakura
. Matsuoka Mayu
. Kiki Kilin
. Jyo Kairi
. Sasaki Miyu

Kore-eda Hirokazu

. Matsuzaki Kaoru
. Yose Akihiko
. Taguchi Hijiri

Executive Producers
. Ishihara Takashi
. Tom Yoda
. Nakae Yasuhito

. Kondo Ryuto

Mitsumatsu Keiko

. Kurosawa Kazuko

. Hosono Haruomi

. Tabata Toshie

. Wild Bunch (Global)
. Gaga (Asia)

Release date
November 23, 2018

. 122 minutes. (Glamovie).

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