Loss of Spider-Man, Sony Picture Just Get Access to 900 Marvel Characters

Glamovie.com – Sony Pictures is indeed at this time has returned the film making rights to Spider-Man back to Marvel. This makes many parties then mention that Sony Pictures lost one of the important films in its franchise. However, this thought is arguably inappropriate. This is because Sony Pictures actually gets many advantages when completing the process of returning Spider-Man to Marvel.

Comicbook on Friday August 10 2019 mentioned that in a recent leak, Sony Pictures did not completely lose its rights to Spider-Man. In fact, they also get access to approximately 900 characters from the Marvel library.

Some examples are the immediate launch of the Venom film, and their plans to work on the Spider-Man movie: Into the Spider-Verse in the near future.

This shows that they will continue to encourage other Marvel films, in addition to Marvel’s collaboration with Disney and also 21st Century Fox.

Columbia Pictures president Sanford Panitch stated that they would have a different film-making center from several other filmmakers.

“We focus on being loyal to comics,” Sanford said.

For information, Columbia Pictures is one of Sony Pictures’ nursery companies. But, lately it is known that Sony Pictures has canceled plans for the Silver & Black film which is a spinoff of Black Cat and Silver Sable.

The film was previously known to be directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood.

But, now there is news if the two characters have the opportunity to get their solo films in the future. Although Black Cat will still be a priority for Sony Pictures.

Sony also continues to encourage other characters such as Morbius the Living Vampire and Kraven the Hunter. They also have a film plan for the character Silk, Nightwatch, and perhaps most surprisingly, the Jackpot.

“Spider-Man is connected with a lot of characters,” Panitch said. “There are criminals, heroes and antiheroes, and a lot of female characters, many of them are bona fide, fully metaphorical, and truly unique. We feel there is no reason Marvel’s characters should not embrace diversity,” he concluded.

Even though Sony developed their own angle from the Marvel Universe, there is still hope that they will cross with the Marvel Cinematic Universe beyond Spider-Man’s inclusion in the Avengers. It was also reported that the studio planned for Venom to push their ratings to the PG-13 level, with the hope that Spidey could appear in the next Venom film.

But Spider-Man is not the only character they hope to be included. Apparently Sony is also open to having several MCU characters appear in their other films. (Glamovie).

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