Kristen Stewart Will Present Reboot ‘CHARLIE’S ANGELS’! – Good morning, angels? Good morning, Charlie! Finally Charlie’s Angels will return to action on the big screen again. The story of the three female spies has aired since 1976, starting with TV series and increasingly popular in film format.

In 2000, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu successfully turned on this comedy action film. Now the story of these three beautiful spies will again decorate the big screen.

In the reboot version three of the ‘Charlie Charlie’ will star young talent full of talent. Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott will act together in the Elizabeth Banks film.

Elizabeth herself is also an actress, she plays a role in PITCH PERFECT as a commentator.

Christian became the first actress to be targeted by Elizabeth to play a role in this film. Previously, Lupita Nyong o was rumored to be taking part in this film project. But unfortunately he did not join the film that many fans have been waiting for.

Elizabeth Banks wants to bring back CHARLI ‘S ANGELS with a more modern form.

Naomi and Ella themselves are British actresses. Previously, Naomi played the POWER RANGERS REBOOT and became Jasmine in the Disney ALADDIN live action. While Ella has played in several TV dramas but has not had a Hollywood film debut.

“For me CHARLIE ‘S ANGELS is more than just a film, this is a symbol of women’s empowerment since the era of the 70s,” said Elizabeth Banks as the director.

Three CHARLIE’s ANGELS films starring Drew, Cameron and Lucy got very massive box office success. Of course this is a pressure and a trigger for Kristen Stewart et al.

The process of shooting this film has just begun, Banks has not been able to divulge the plot or setting the film. The plan of this film will be released on September 27, 2019. (Glamovie).

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