Karen Gillan Announces New Facts About the Nebula in Avengers 4

Glamovie.com – Beautiful actress Karen Gillan will return to appear as a Marvel character named Nebula in Avengers 4. Not yet a trailer for the sequel to Avengers: Infinity War, it shows, Karen has revealed one interesting thing.

Reporting from wegotthiscovered.com, Sunday (08/19/2018), in an interview with Fandango, Karen Gillan mentioned that the Nebula on Avengers 4 would have a new loyal friend to fight Thanos.

“I know who the BFF (best friend forever) is, and I can’t tell you. I can’t. But I promise you this is smart and unpredictable and very good,” Karen Gillan said.

Even big fans wonder who the super characters are about to be new Nebula partners in Avengers 4. Some speculate that the character is a member of the Avengers.

Iron man

On the Reddit site, two names are mentioned which are likely to be one of Nebula’s loyal friends. First is Iron Man.

Fans feel that after returning from Titan to Earth, Tony Stark and Nebula engage in a conversation that makes them familiar.

Black Widow

Another figure mentioned by fans is Black Widow.

Some other fans believe that the gloomy Black Widow’s past, like the Nebula, will make them more familiar and united. (Glamovie).

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