Iko Uwais’s Performance at Mile 22 is Praised by World Critics

Glamovie.com – The action of Iko Uwais in Mile 22 finally began to be witnessed by a number of film lovers in several countries. Apparently, the performance of Audy’s husband’s item has won praise from many critics.

Owen Gleiberman from Variety, for example, considered that Iko Uwais was a charismatic actor. Lindsay Bahr from the Associated Press called it an awesome dangerous martial arts actor.

Not a few also assess that the action of Iko Uwais is a prominent point or highlight of Mile 22.

“This film is full of crisp action scenes like the John Wick movie first, thanks to the Indonesian martial arts maestro Iko Uwais,” wrote Chris Bashawaty from Entertainment Weekly, some time ago.

“The most interesting performance here is the Indonesian actor and martial artist Iko Uwais,” Liam Lacey from Original Cin rated Mile 22.

Mile 22 Film Score
Unfortunately, a positive assessment of Iko Uwais’s performance was not followed by the film itself. Many critics say sineas Mile 22 is too busy editing action scenes, but the film is weak in storytelling.

In Metacritic, Mile 22 only gets a score of 40. What’s worse, the film from director Peter Berg only gets a score of 20 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. On the last mentioned site, out of 87 reviews issued by critics, 67 of them gave a bad score for this film.

Wasting Iko Uwais Talent
Even some critics say this film has wasted Iko Uwais’s ability.

“If you edit a fight scene in your movie until you can’t see it, why are you renting him (Iko Uwais)? You just use it, Mark Wahlberg,” Matt Singer wrote from Screen Crush.

The same thing was also mentioned by David Ehrlich of Indie Wire. He regretted that Iko Uwais’s talent was covered in this film. Even Bleeding Cool wrote an article title that read “Mile 22 Review: Really Wasting Iko Uwais Talent”. (Glamovie).

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