Idris Elba is the strongest candidate for the role of James Bond – It’s no secret that many actors want the role of James Bond after Daniel Craig’s retirement rumors circulate widely.

As previously reported, Daniel will indeed give up his role as the iconic agent after completing the film “Bond 25”. Lately, speculation regarding the replacement of the secret agent’s figure also reappears. This time, the actor and musician Idris Elba was said to have great potential to play the iconic character.

Reported by People on Monday (8/13), this news spread after director Antoine Fuqua said that the “Bond” producer, Barbara Broccoli believed it was time to bring diversity to roles. He is also rumored to have opened the door wide for Elba to potentially succeed playing agent 007. Even this news was strengthened when Elba uploaded a number of cuitan on his Twitter account on Sunday (12/8).

Not only that, the 45-year-old actor also made fans more excited because he followed the typical statement of the style of the James Bond character. “My name is Elba, Idris Elba,” he cried.

But unfortunately, shortly afterwards the actor Heimdall in the “Thor” franchise again uploaded a photo of the rap group Public Enemy and included lyrics from one of their songs. “Don’t trust HYPE …” he wrote.

Even so, it’s no secret that Elba gets a lot of support from various parties.

Besides fans, the actor also received the blessing of Pierce Brosnan, a former 1990 Bond actor in the 1990s.

In 2015, Pierce said that according to him Elba would be a good Bond figure. While Elba himself had expressed his excitement because he gained a lot of support to portray his favorite character.

Meanwhile, Elba is not the only actor who is predicted to be able to portray the character of the secret agent. Previously, there were also names of top actors like Tom Hardy, Aidan Turner, and James Norton who were said to be hoping for that prestigious role.

On the other hand, Daniel did confirm that he would retire after completing “Bond 25”.

The 25th series “Bond” is predicted to be the fifth and final film for Daniel in playing the 007 secret agent character. However, the film is mentioned to present a more epic storyline than the previous four series.

The “Bond 25” production process itself will begin in December this year. Based on the schedule, the film directed by Danny Boyle will air on November 8, 2019. (Glamovie).

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