Idris Elba Denies Him Acting James Bond – Daniel Craig will return to playing his role as secret agent 007 in the 25th series “Bond”, namely “Bond 25”. But unfortunately, the film also became a farewell to the actor, because he would retire to portray the figure of James Bond and release the iconic role. Therefore, now various speculations about who the appropriate actor replaces Daniel began to appear.

One of the names championed by the secret agent is Idris Elba.

This news spread after director Antoine Fuqua said that the “Bond” producer, Barbara Broccoli believed it was time to bring diversity to roles. He is also rumored to have opened the door wide for Elba to potentially succeed playing agent 007. Even Elba increasingly heated up the rumor when he uploaded a number of cutits on his Twitter account some time ago.

As a result, many fans are increasingly convinced that actor Heimdall in the “Thor” series will replace Daniel Craig.

But unfortunately, the news was dismissed directly by Elba when he attended the premiere of the film “Yardie” on August 22nd.

This started when Elba strolled in the yellow carpet and was interviewed by “Good Morning Britain”. When asked if he would become the next 007 agent, Elba firmly denied it immediately.

“No!” answered the actor “Avengers: Infinity War”.

Of course Elba’s answer made fans disappointed. Because, the dark-skinned actor was indeed chosen as the strongest candidate with the potential to play James Bond.

On the other hand, not thinking about who the next James Bond actor will be, the “Bond 25” production process is threatened to be postponed. This is because of the chaos regarding Danny Boyle’s resignation from the director’s seat, even though “Bond 25” will begin the production process in December.

Danny’s resignation was announced directly by the MGM.

In announcements distributed through the official James Bond Twitter account, the famous director was said to have decided to leave because of differences in creative views. (Glamovie).

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