Holmes and Watson Trailer, Release Date and Cast Review 2018

Glamovie.com – Holmes and Watson Trailer, Release Date and Cast Review 2018 – It tells the story of detective Sherlock Holmes and his colleague, Watson in the comedy version who work together to solve difficult cases. Holmes and Watson (2018) adapted from the classic literary work created by Arthur Conan Doyle.

The film was directed by Etan Cohen who collaborated with producer Jimmy Miller and Clayton Townsend.

Etan Cohen directed the film Get Hard (2015) and has written many film scripts, namely Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008), Men in Black 3 (2012), and Holmes and Watson that we are discussing.

This adventure, mystery and comedy film stars actor John C. Reilly who plays Dr. John Watson, the partner of Holmes when solving his cases. There is also a young actor Noah Jupe who acts as a nephew of Dr. John Watson, namely Doxy.

In addition there is Rob Brydon as Inspector Lestrade and Ralph Fiennes as antagonists, Professor Moriarty.

Sherlock Holmes is played by Will Ferrell, a talented actor who is a comedian, producer and film writer.

Some of the films starring Will Ferrell are Megamind – 2010 (won the Kids Choice Award 2011 for the Favorite category), Buttkicker and Daddy’s Home (2015) (Favorite Movie Actor category in the 2016 Kids Choice Award).

Holmes and Watson Trailer

Holmes and Watson is adapted from classic literary works by Arthur Conan Doyle, a famous physicist and writer, who tells the story of the adventures of a detective named Sherlock Holmes and his co-worker, Dr. John Watson to resolve a case.

An old man tells of a deadly poison to a child named Doxy. Then Doxy said that the old man wouldn’t die because Doxy had a great uncle who could live for hundreds of years and see Dr. John Watson.

, Etan Cohen

, Etan Cohen
, Arthur Conan Doyle

, Adventure
, Comedy
, Crime
, Mystery

Release Date
, November 9, 2018

, English

Country of Origin

, Will Ferrell as Holmes
, John C. Reilly as Watson
, Rebecca Hall as Dr. Grace Hart
, Kelly Macdonald as Mrs. Hudson
, Ralph Fiennes as Moriarty
, Lauren Lapkus as Millie
, Hugh Laurie as Mycroft
, Noah Jupe as Doxy
, Pam Ferris as Queen Victoria
, Bella Ramsey as Flotsam
, Rob Brydon as Inspector Lestrade
, Bronson Webb as Jonathan Nightingale
, Kieran O’Brien as PC Smalls
, Michael Culkin as Judge Over
, Billy Jenkins as Mudfog
(Glamovie – Holmes and Watson Trailer, Release Date and Cast Review 2018).

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