Here’s How Captain Marvel Arrives in ‘Avengers 4’ – Captain Marvel, one of the new heroes at the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will appear in his single film, titled the same as his name, is being discussed. One of them is about how Captain Marvel arrived at Avengers 4.

Will his arrival be very epic?

Shocking the audience and the characters in the film?

Or is it just ordinary?

Here are some predictions about how Captain Marvel arrived at Avengers 4,

1. Through the Titan planet

Captain Marvel has the ability of Cosmic Awareness, she should know what happened to the entire galaxy, and must act, even without Nick Fury having to send a message before.

But it’s not clear, will Captain Marvel have this power or not at the MCU? Because before, many characters in the MCU were reduced in strength. Unlike the power depicted in comics. For example, the strength of Thor and Hulk.

But this theory still exists.

There are fans who believe that Captain Marvel will not go directly to Earth. Captain Marvel will come to see Tony and the Nebula first on the Titan planet.

2. Jump to Earth

When there is a theory that says Captain Marvel headed for Titan, there is also a theory that Captain Marvel will go straight to Earth.

This theory can happen if Captain Marvel has the power of Cosmic Awareness.

Captain Marvel will try to contact Nick first but it doesn’t work because she disappears. But then she received an emergency message from Nick Fury.

After that, Captain Marvel headed straight for Earth. And here she sees chaos on the planet where she was born.

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel can also find out that easily because the removal of half the population carried out by Thanos has had an impact on the entire galaxy. Including the Galaxy where Captain Marvel was at that time. Wherever she is at that time.

3. Move Yourself

Until now, Captain Marvel as the most powerful super hero in the MCU always moves alone. So when Thanos screwed up, maybe Captain Marvel would investigate in his own way.

Very likely. Carol Danvers could have known about superheroes like the Avengers, but she still moved herself to solve the problem of galaxies in space. She is not interested in joining a team like Avengers.

4. Come at the Last Moment

Like Superman in the ‘Justice League’ which also comes at the end of the duration of the film. But maybe Captain Marvel initially started moving on his own, until at the end of the story she joined the Avengers.

Of course they will join, because if not, there will be no Avengers 4 films. It’s just that, it’s unknown how Captain Marvel arrived.

So, here the theory is Captain Marvel comes after investigating alone. After that she headed to where the Avangers were fighting Thanos. (Glamovie).

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