Henry Cavill Will Play Geralt of Rivia in ‘The Witcher’

Glamovie.com – This one series is so popular because it has good and complicated stories. Not only the main story, but also the side story.

A few months ago there was information saying that there had been an information leak for two scenes in The Witcher. And now there is more surprising information, that Henry Cavill will play Geralt of Rivia.

Tuesday (4/9/2018), this Superman actor officially became Geralt and of course it was very interesting. The creator of The Witcher series on Netflix, Lauren S Hissrich who announced it directly. Amazingly, Cavill got Geralt’s role through auditions.

Executives in the film were satisfied with what the 35-year-old actor showed.

“He has passion and maybe I only have the green light for him. He always has the passion that exists and I always remember that. I am happy to welcome Henry Cavill as the #Thewitcher family, “Lauren said.

Lauren’s words were answered by Cavill in his distinctive style. He joked that he got an email from his fans in Kaer Morhen who called him to return to the School of Wolf.

This one series was first shown in May to air on Netflix. Now the Witcher series is much awaited because this one series is well established from the success of the novel and also the game.

Besides having a special storyline, The Witcher also has cool characters.

This series will focus on the adventures of a monster hunter named Geralt of Rivia. There Geralt will meet an important figure in the world of The Witcher who makes the story even better.

Witcher is a human being who is strengthened by magical and chemical abilities. He was also strengthened with very strong physical abilities which made him dangerous for monsters. That is why the Witcher is so relied upon by people around him. (Glamovie).

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