Had Been Opposed, This Is The reason Bradley Cooper Keep Working A Star is Born

Glamovie.com – The actor Bradley Cooper chose A Star is Born as his directorial debut project. But the fact is, it’s not an easy way to take. The reason is, not a few colleagues who doubt the project will run and can be realized.

Cooper then revealed why his closest people opposed his decision to work on the film.

“They said, ‘Please don’t do this’.

I know they really care about me, “said the 43-year-old actor as reported by Entertainment Weekly on Sunday (08/12/2018).

Cooper said, there are two main reasons that make people ask him to think again about working on the film. Besides being A Star is Born is a tragic love story, the project also stopped for years.

Actually the discussion for the film’s development began in 2011, with Clint Eastwood as the director and Beyonce being the female lead. But his work did not find a bright spot, although a series of big names were rumored to play Jackson Maine, the main character.

Call it Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith, to Tom Cruise.

After being suspended for more than 5 years, in March 2016, Cooper finally officially signed a contract with Warner Bros. to work on the film. About 5 months later, Lady Gaga joined Cooper as the female lead.

“I know, this will be the end of everything if it’s not successful on the market. People say, ‘Who did he dare to make the same movie for the fourth time?’ But the story seems to evoke memories in me, “Cooper said.

The Hangover actor admitted, fell in love with the music world since childhood.

“In the past, I often made songs and wrote lyrics. I did that around the age of 8 to 19 years. So, working on A Star is Born provides an opportunity to realize the dreams I have long forgotten, “he said.

Cooper’s film A Star is Born tells the story of a rockstar named Jackson Maine (Cooper) who is known as an alcoholic. He meets singer and songwriter Ally, played by Lady Gaga.

When Maine got deeper into his addiction to alcohol, he convinced Ally to achieve his dreams in music.

Cooper turned the film into an epic musical story that took pictures during the Coachella Music Festival (April 2017) and Glastonbury (June 2017).

“To be honest, I don’t like crowds. But through this film I want to show the audience how the euphoria of a musician appears in front of many people, “he said.

The film A Star is Born is planned to debut at the 75th Venice International Film Festival, on August 31, 2018. While in the US cinema, this film will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures starts October 5, 2018. (Glamovie).

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