David Leitch will be Directed again ‘Deadpool 3’

Glamovie.com – The news about the existence of “Deadpool 3” is still a big question mark among fans. As is known, some time ago Ryan Reynolds as the main character said that the third series of “Deadpool” would not be worked on.

After several months passed, it was reported that 20th Century Fox was currently planning a new film featuring the X-Force team. While the writer and director Drew Goddard will handle the adventures of Domino and Cable in the film “X-Force”.

Even so, the latest news actually mentions that the studio is quietly planning a third series of anti-hero adventure stories. Even reported by the Comic Book on Thursday (23/8), the director of “Deadpool 2” namely David Leitch reportedly will again direct “Deadpool 3”.

But unfortunately, until this news was revealed there was no official confirmation from the studio.

But, if you remember the success achieved by “Deadpool 2”, then it’s not impossible if the third film “Deadpool” will be made soon.

For the record, if David Leitch will indeed direct “Deadpool 3” again, it is possible that the film production process will not begin until 2019. Because, the director is known to be busy with a series of other film projects. Call it “The Division”, as well as the “Fast and Furious” spinoffs, namely “Hobbs and Shaw”.

On the other hand, “Deadpool 3” will also likely focus more on the X-Force team.

Add to this the fact that Disney CEO Bob Iger is also very interested in maintaining the “Deadpool” franchise even though it is in the R-Rated format.

Apart from this, this news is certainly welcomed so happily by fans. Especially if you remember that David gave a new nuance to the anti-hero franchise. (Glamovie).

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