Dark Phoenix Trailer and Plot 2018, X-Men Entering the New Round

Glamovie.com – Dark Phoenix Trailer and Plot 2018, X-Men Entering the New Round – The central figure in this film is Jean Gray (Sophie Turner) who is indeed related to the power of Phoenix.

In the film X-Men: Apocalypse, Jean Gray has shown an ability that has a relationship with the power of Phoenix.

The storyline of ‘Dark Phoenix’ is about the X-Men members who had to fight Phoenix after “something” happened on their way to space.

Phoenix or Phoenix Force is a very powerful space entity.

Many of the fans felt “hype” when they saw this first Dark Phoenix trailer.


Because, Simon Kinberg, the director of this film (and several previous X-Men films) has managed to give the feel of the Dark Phoenix comic. We see when Charlies Xavier aka Professor X and Erik Lehnsherr the Magneto try to resolve this conflict, or even make the conflict even more complicated. On the other hand, we will also see Jean Gray’s flashback or past. Because she is the main character here.

In addition, the vacillation of Jean because of the influence of the Phoenix Force and of himself made the problem even more complicated.

Dark Phoenix Trailer

From the trailer shows, we can see that this film doesn’t follow the comic storyline ‘Dark Phoenix Saga’, but follows the X-Men series.

I hope so. Not only shown on the trailer, but also in the film.

Hopefully it’s not like X-Men: Apocalypse, the film gives a different feel from the trailer.

‘Dark Phoenix’ is the first of X-Men film that doesn’t feature the Wolverine aka Hugh Jackman. At ‘Apocalypse’, he still appeared briefly as a cameo. Likewise in ‘X-Men: First Class’, there is a scene that shows The Wolvrine even though it’s only a short time. (Glamovie – Dark Phoenix Trailer and Plot 2018).

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