Danny Boyle Will Do New Film With Ed Sheeran After Retiring From ‘Bond 25’

Glamovie.com – Last week, MGM Entertainment announced the departure of director Danny Boyle from their latest project, “Bond 25”. Through an official James Bond Twitter account, the famous director stepped down because of differences in creative views.

The latest report also said that the release schedule of the 25th series “Bond” might experience delays due to the problem of Danny ‘resignation.

If the studio wants to keep releasing this film according to plan, then they must immediately find a replacement director Danny.

Apart from that, Danny Boyle was reportedly preparing to work on a new project. The director of “Slumdog Millionaire” was reportedly focused on the production of films about the Beatles.

The latest news says that the film about the legendary British band has started production since the beginning of this year and is planned to be released next year.

Reported by NME on Thursday (8/30), the film tells the story of a singer and songwriter who woke up on a day when he was the only person in the world who had memories of the Beatles.

This character will be played by Himesh Patel.

Ed Sheeran is also certain to be involved in this film project. The “Happier” singer will act as himself. Later, Ed was told to find Himesh and bring him to perform at his tour concert.

Previously, Ed had appeared as a cameo in “Game of Thrones”. In the series, Ed claimed that he had to work hard, even being almost a full day on the set every day.

Reportedly, the shooting process involving Ed was carried out at the beginning of the year, along with the tour he lived.

“It was really two very intense months. I did a four-day performance, then three days of filming. I acted as myself, so I thought it wasn’t bad,” said the “Thinking Out Loud” singer.

Besides Ed and Himesh, this film will also feature acting from other stars. Namely Lily James, Kate McKinnon, and Joel Fry.

The plan of this film will be released in September 2019. (Glamovie).

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