Dakota Johnson Trauma After Starring in ‘Suspiria’

Glamovie.com – Dakota Johnson was so popular after playing Anastasia Steele in the “Fifty Shades of Gray” series. The acting quality of this beautiful actress is no doubt so a number of films have always been a pleasant spectacle.

Not long ago, Dakota starred in the latest supernatural horror film entitled “Suspiria”. The film made by Luca Guadagnin is a remake of the Italian supernatural horror film released in 1977.

However, Dakota reportedly suffered trauma and mental disorders after starring in this film. Because, many say that this beautiful actress met a psychologist after she finished the film shooting process.

Other news has also been around since April. Dakota told Elle magazine that his role in the classic horror film made him mentally disturbed and he had to do therapy.

The good news, this rumor was immediately denied by Dakota. He said this at a press conference at the 2018 Venezia Film Festival recently.

“First of all, I’m not doing psychological therapy and I hope I never do it,” he said.

“When working on a project, I sometimes feel that I am a very fragile and too carried away feeling. So it’s not this movie that made me go to the hospital. I only had too many feelings,” he said again.

Dakota also said that his visit to a therapy place was only to help him vent his feelings after the film was finished.

“When you dwell in a movie with dark material, it can haunt you. And talking to someone right is the right way to forget it. My therapist is a very good woman,” he said again.

In Suspiria, Dakota plays Susie Bannion, an American woman who attended a prestigious dance school in Berlin and is mysteriously managed by magicians.

Over time, Susie learned that there were a number of murders that occurred at the dance school.

The film is planned to be released on November 2 in the United States. (Glamovie).

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