Colette Movie Review Cast (2018) – Colette movie review cast, Gabrielle Colette’s life story – Colettte is a biography of Hollywood that was released in 2018. Telling the life story of Gabrielle Sidonie Colettte.

The beautiful artist Kiera Knightley has been famous since starring in Pirates of the Caribbean who played the character. The main actor is Dominic West who previously played in Tomb Raider 2018.

Directed by Still Alice, Wash Westmoreland, was appointed by the BFI Film Fund production house as film director. Westmoreland Wash has had a lot of experience in making films or TV series such as The Seven Deadly Sins: Redemption, Z: The Beginning of Everything, and now he is working on the film The Earthquake Bird.

Colette released January 20, 2018 at the Sundance Film Festival 2018 and September 21 2018 in the United States by Bleecker Street Media distributor with a duration of 111 minutes.


Setting in the beginning of modern times. Gabrielle Sidonie Colette (Keira Knightley), a young woman from the village, married to a charismatic Parisian and was fourteen years older than her, known as a single, ‘Willy.’ (Dominic West).

Willy convinced his wife to write a novel that would be published under his name.

The phenomenal success of the series “Claudine” made Willy known as a writer.

‘Colette and Willy’ the first modern celebrity couple.

Over time, a lack of recognition from the literary world for his work frustrated Colette. (Glamovie).

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