Christopher Robin, Childhood Nostalgic That Makes Adorable – It feels like a lot of people whose childhood was filled with the adventures of Christopher Robin and his colleagues in the Hundred Akre Forest. Starting from Winnie The Pooh who likes honey, Piglet the coward, to the mule donkey Eeyore.

Ideally, these imaginative characters will always stay like in fairy tales written by the author, A.A Milne. Live in a perfect world filled with fun adventures.

But Disney’s latest adaptation film, Christopher Robin, takes a more realistic approach. Now Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor) is no longer a cheerful boy. He is an adult man who has a family, with time-consuming work.

Memories with Pooh and friends, he had long left in a box that was left to dust. Even his daughter, Madeline (Bronte Carmichael), often feels that his father no longer cares about him. While his wife, Evelyn (Hayley Atwell), began to run out of patience facing Christopher Robin’s behavior.

Uninvited guests

Christopher Robin is actually in a pinched position in his office. His boss asked him to tighten the budget. If not, a number of employees were forced to be laid off.

Amid the complexity of the problems he faced, Christopher Robin, the arrival of an uninvited guest: Winnie the Pooh.

Pooh who entered the tree hole in the forest, miraculously appeared in London. With innocence, he asked Christopher Robin to help him identify Piglet CS who suddenly disappeared.

Christopher Robin was finally willing to take Pooh back to the Hundred Akre Forest, but not with the intention to help his childhood friend.

Make Adorable

Nostalgic, can be said to be one of Christopher Robin’s main strengths. A number of iconic elements from the story of Winnie The Pooh were included in this film. Starting from Pooh who was squeezed in Rabbit’s hole, to the red balloon that made him happy. Moreover, the characterization of the characters in this film is illustrated as strongly as the classic story.

As a result, watching Pooh and his friends live on the screen with their innocent dialogues, becomes a preoccupation. Don’t be surprised if you will often feel anxious and angry with their innocent and innocent power throughout this one hour 44 minute film.

The meaning of happiness
Indeed, at a glance, the appearance of Winnie The Pooh, Piglet, and especially Tiger, is not as bright as the animation version. Grooves at the beginning of the film also feel a little sluggish.

Maybe initially, this will be a little boring for junior viewers. But the behavior and dialogue issued by these figures, make these ‘shortcomings’ then become less important.

Pooh’s words and friends who were too innocent often presented ridiculous humor. But not only that, their dialogue often invites the audience to think deeply. Especially, to rethink the true meaning of happiness. (Glamovie).

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