Chest Naked On ‘Mile 22’, Iko Uwais Rejects the Kiss Scene – “Mile 22”, played by one of Indonesia’s best actors, Iko Uwais, has aired in August 2018. Welcome to this film is quite extraordinary, both at home and abroad.

In the trailer “Mile 22”, there is a scene where Iko is in the health room bare-chested.

The scene apparently made Iko had been cheated by the director, Peter Berg, because he was asked not to wear any clothes on his body.

However, it was certainly just a joke and managed to make Iko a little surprised.

Although willing to show off the chest of her field in the film, Iko apparently won’t do a kiss scene. The statement was expressed by the manager, Ricky Siahaan.

Iko rejected the scene because she felt uncomfortable. Luckily, Iko has never been offered to carry out the scene.

“So far he also doesn’t want that (kiss scene). If possible, he doesn’t do a scene like that because it doesn’t make him comfortable,” Ricky said.

Even so, Ricky said that there was no written statement in the contract regarding the kiss scene.

Iko’s refusal in this scene is usually conveyed at the beginning of negotiations with related parties. So far, the producers and directors really appreciate the choice of Iko.

“If it is requested and Iko refuses, surely they are very respectful with Iko’s wishes.”

“Mile 22” starring Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg is told to protect Iko as Li Noor.

“Mile 22” tells the story of an American intelligence agent who tries to smuggle mysterious police officers out of a country. (Glamovie).

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