‘Avenger: Infinity Wars’ Can End Quickly If Thanos Is Defeated In This Scene

Glamovie.com – There are still many people arguing, why does the ending of the Avengers: Infinity Wars have to be like that? Though there are many decisive moments for the Avengers: Infinity Wars that can be used as an ending in a better way.

Then what defining moments can be an alternative ending from Thanos?

Here are some moments that can end the Avengers: Infinity Wars story.

1. Thanos fight against Doctor Strange on Planet Titanthanos vs doctor strange

The scene when Doctor Strange met Thanos on Titan Planet could be the most defining moment for the Infinity Wars Avengers.

Maybe this is not included in the list of opportunities to defeat Thanos, even though with Simple Doctor Strange can use the Clock of Levitation to wrap Infinity Gauntlet Thanos.

When the red robe had disturbed Thanos, Doctor Strange could easily use his Sling Ring to open a portal under Thanos and cut off his hand.

If it is too sadistic to be made a spectacle, there is an even easier way for Doctor Strange. He could change Thanos back to being a baby with Time Stone.

2. Battle on Wakanda

thanos on wakanda

This location can also be a decisive moment for the Infinity Wars Avenger without a fight on Wakanda.

Has anyone had time to think and ask about Wong’s whereabouts when the battle happened?

If he was invited to Wakanda, he could open the Mirror Dimension and trap the aliens in there so that the superheroes in Wakanda could focus on protecting Vision from Thanos’s appearance.

3. Thanos Fight Against the Hulk in the Asgard Aircraft

thanos vs hulk

Actually the audience all forgot and didn’t realize that Heimdall was the strongest person in Asgard. No one can escape Heimdall’s view.

In addition, Heimdall also had the strongest teleportation power in the entire universe. From the start, when Thanos beat Hulk on Asgard’s plane, Heimdall could drive Thanos’s group into space with the power of Bifrost.

Thanos’s troops cannot survive in space without breathing aids.

This scene can be a decisive moment for the Infinity Wars Avengers and end the film quickly.

But, even if the film ends too fast it will certainly be unattractive. Except if the scenes are moved to the end of the film. (Glamovie).

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