Antiope and Queen Hippolyta will be in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ – The fans of the franchise “Wonder Woman” certainly remember that the superhero played by Gal Gadot is one of the Amazon women, the strongest army on earth.

Amazon woman, means there is “mother” and “aunt” from Diana Prince, namely Queen Hippolyta and Antiope. The two strong women are portrayed as characters who are so prominent and resilient, even both have an important role in generating the hidden power possessed by Diana Prince.

If fans miss the action of the two super women, that desire will be fulfilled. Because, both will be present again in “1984 Wonder Woman”. This was revealed directly by Robin in an interview.

Reported by Movieweb on Tuesday (4/9), the “House of Cards” actress stated that she was preparing to fly to Spain later this year to play again as Antiope in “1984 Wonder Woman”. However, Queen Hippolyta and Antiope will appear in the Diana Prince flashback scene only.

Antiope and Queen Hippolyta are the two most important figures in Diana’s life, so it makes sense if this flashback will occur.

Flashback in “1984 Wonder Woman” will retell Themyscira, Diana Prince’s hometown. Although not yet confirmed, but “Wonder Woman 1984” is reportedly using a set in the Canary Islands as one of the shooting locations.

This sequel to “Wonder Woman” will take place in 1984, when the Cold War is taking place.

Diana Prince will fight against the Soviet Union army in this film.

There is also Christian Wiig who will play the main villain, namely Barbara Minerva aka Cheetah.

Barbara had previously been a British anthropologist and obtained the power of Cheetah after an expedition to the African jungle. After that, he became very obsessed with gaining the power possessed by Wonder Woman.

Chris Pine is also certain to repeat his role as Steve Trevor. There is also Pedro Pascal, who until now has not been known to play what character. The DC and Warner Bros. parties have not provided further plot details of the “1984 Wonder Woman”.

The plan of this film will be released on November 1, 2019. (Glamovie).

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