9 Super Heroes and Villain who have obtained Super Strength from Other Entities

Glamovie.com – Superhero characters are always strong, but villains are certainly strong. But there are some of these characters who get strength from other entities.

Despite giving, they were able to learn it and control these forces very well.

Who are they?

1. Spiderman

spider-manSpiderman is one of the best characters in Marvel. Not only because he was dead, but because of the truly extraordinary action.

Even so, Spiderman is one of the owners of power from other entities.

In the Spiderman version of Tobey Maguire, Spiderman gained the power of spiders who have different genetics. This spider is an example of an experiment that suddenly stung Peter Parker.

With this sting Peter immediately felt cold heat and immediately had super strength. He can stick to the wall and do a web swing like a real spider.

2. Venom

venomVenom is an anti hero character in the story of Spiderman. He became a superhero power owner and villain from other entities.

Just like Spiderman, Venom didn’t get this power from himself, but because his body was infiltrated by an extraterrestrial creature called Symbiote.

Symbiote can turn Eddie Brock into a strong and always healthy person. Really! When Eddie is injured, Venom will be able to quickly repair Eddie’s body cells. Even though fractures, Venom can be cured.

Venom did this because if Eddie died, he would also die. That’s why Venom always made it easy for Eddie to feel safe and healthy.

Although Venom was very dominant in Eddie’s body, Eddie was able to control the strength he had.

3. Ghost Rider

ghost rider

Ghost Rider is also an anti hero like Venom.

Johny Blaze is a lucky and disadvantaged person because he gained this power from other entities.

Before that, Johnny Blaze was an ordinary person, but because of his agreement with the devil, he became a skull of fire with extraordinary power. He will turn into a driver of fire at night to punish bad people.

Here Johny has no mission to save the world, but only takes revenge on the figure who made him a fire demon.

If there is no condemnation, maybe Johny will not turn out like that.

The added value is, Johnny, who likes motorbikes, has an amazing motorbike when it turns to Ghost Rider.

4. Shazam


Shazam is an iconic DC character.

Narrated, he was a troubled orphan who moved orphanages.

While riding the train, Billy (Shazam) is drawn to a different realm by an ancient magician. He was given a magic power that made him possess superhuman strength. So be the figure of Shazam that we know today.

Because the power is giving, then Shazam is the owner of the superhero power from other entities that must be included in this list.

Despite giving, Shazam had learned various ways to control his strength. He can and be a super hero who can defeat various crimes.

5. Spawn

spawnSpawn is one of the superhero power owners and villains given by other entities.

Spawn is a figure named Al Simmons who has been killed. Then he became a figure who had extraordinary strength after making an agreement with the devil.

Really! He was given the power by the devil to rise again and follow the orders of the devil.

But then he turned to attack the demon.

Spawn has the expertise to change form. Spawn is a terrible figure. But behind that he often helps people in need.

6. Moon Knight

moon knightMarc Spector is one of the superhero power owners who come from other entities.

At first he lost and his legs were destroyed by his eternal rival. But he did not need a long time to mourn his sadness. The ancient Greek god named Khonsu has given a super power to make him a representative of God on Earth.

Moon Knight has a terrible form. He often acts at night to quell crime.

Just like Ghost Rider, he also gives judgment to people who commit crimes.

7. Nova

Nova is one of the elite pasuka on the destroyed planet Xandar.

Nova with all her strength fled to earth to save herself.

His trip to Earth led him to meet a teenage boy named Richard Rider. That meeting made Nova to do things that were unexpected.

Right, Rider has got a costume given by Nova.

Rider then has super powers and is a super hero in New York.

8. Doctor Strange
doctor strange
Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is one of the best magicians ever in the Marvel world. A smart person who can manipulate anything with the power he has.

Fast teleportation has become its superiority. He can also multiply himself to be very much.

The source of the magical power of Doctor Strange comes from a character named Cyttorak who has unlimited abilities in his dimensions.

9. She Hulk

Jennifer Walters did not think that the event that almost killed her actually made her become a terrifying big green figure.

Really! Walters became a female Hulk by accident.

On one occasion, Walters suffered serious injuries so she had to receive blood transfusions so that her body could be saved. Luckily there was a cousin, Bruce Banner who gave him blood.

But this is the origin of she changed to She Hulk.

Banner’s blood has been exposed to Gamma rays, so the Gamma effect also enters Walters’ body so she can transform into this big and terrible creature. (Glamovie).

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