9 Main Actor Actors who were Fired from the Movie

Glamovie.com – In a film, acting from the main character is certainly the most effective weapon to make the film a success. Moreover, films that have romantic genres, certainly must include the acting of the number one actors and actresses.

Usually the main character is not the random person chosen. Most of them have talents that should not be underestimated and usually the main character is guaranteed to be maintained by a film.

But like other jobs, the main character is not always safe in their projects. In fact there is a main character who was fired from his own film. Most of them have little problem so they must be fired from the project.

1. James Purefoy – V For Vendetta

james purefoy

James Purefoy became the main character who was fired from his film at number one.

V For Vendetta is a movie that is quite mindblowing because it often presents various interesting puzzles to follow. In addition, it is also not clear the mission of this masked human being because he has goals that must be achieved even though often against the law.

Plotted to be the masked man, Purefoy claimed to appear unconvincing. In addition to his doubtful acting, Purefoy’s voice was also considered non-threatening. Understandably, this film presents a lot of intimidation through voice.

When filming was nearing the end, Hugo Weaving was taken to replace Purefoy. This decision is in fact very late because there must be some scenes using Purefoy’s services.

2. Harvey Keitel – Apocalypse Now

harvey keitel

Too aggressive is one of the reasons why Harvey Keitel was removed from his own film.

Indeed, since the beginning of production, Apocalypse Now has many problems such as the choice of the producer to use the original corpse in the film. Finally the problem continued until three weeks before filming and the peak was when Keitel argued with producer, Francis Ford Coppola.

The previous keitel was plotted as Captain Williard, but due to the dispute, Keitel had to quit the project.

Coppola who could not stand finally said that Keitel did not have the characteristics or characteristics like Captain Williard. According to Copolla, Williad had a tendency to be passive, in contrast to Keitel who he considered very aggressive.

3. Samantha Morton – Her

samantha morton

Maybe Samantha Morton will be upset about why she was fired from Her movie. Yes, this beautiful actress must be fired from the project because her voice is considered unpleasant. Even reportedly Morton had finished shooting until the film was finished but when the film was played back, Morton had to find Jonze very disliked with his voice. In the end Morton had to let himself be fired. Yes, sound is something that makes Morton’s extraordinary acting like nothing.

4. Jean-Claude Van Damme – Predator

jean claude van damme

In fact, being an actor requires mental maturity because if not, maybe his fate would be like young Jean-Claude Van Damme. Yes, too much whining finally made Van Damme as one of the main characters who were fired from his own film.

Initially Van Damme was plotted as a replacement actor for the Predator film. But the wrong information about the costume made it difficult to finally whine.

Van Damme, who at that time did not have a big name, finally had to give up being fired from the project.

5. James Remar – Aliens

james remar

James Remar had to undergo a bitter fate as the main character who was fired from his own film in the sequel to Aliens. The trigger is that there are too many creative differences that eventually it must be removed.

Remar initially played the role of Dwayne Hicks Corporal and the role was a very important role in the film Aliens.

Michael Biehn was then plotted to replace Remar.

Remar did a lot of bad things because he often took illegal drugs and he admitted that. The director, James Cameroon himself, finally fired Remar.

6. Anne Hathaway – Knocked Up

anne hathaway

Anne Hathaway is currently one of the actresses whose abilities need not be doubted. Who would have thought, the actor of Cat Woman in The Dark Knight Rises turned out to have experienced dismissal while acting in the film Knocked Up.

His success in the film The Devil Wears Prada was then pulled on the Knocked Up movie. But because of his dispute and differing views with the director, Hathaway must be willing to leave the project. Though at that time Hathaway was pioneering his career to become a more brilliant actress.

7. Richard Gere – Lords Of Flatbush

richard gere

At the beginning of his career, Richard Gere had to experience an unfortunate event. His youthful turmoil was still too high, so he finally found it difficult to get along with other actors, in this case Sylvester Stallone.

Gere and Stalone were involved in a feud in the film Lords of Flatbush. Both of them even fought very hard and finally Gere was expelled from the project.

Their feud was triggered by a small matter, namely Gere was considered to do something strange by having lunch in his car. Stallone, who was afraid of the mustard that Gere had eaten, was hit by his trousers and rebuked him.

A fight ensued at that time. Even Stallone said one of them must be removed from the project.

8. Stuart Townsend – The Lord of the Rings

stuart townsend

Lord of the Ring is a mega project that was really serious in the past. Including three series, this film really must be carefully calculated from each series, including the selection of characters.

The most hilarious, so detailed Townsend had to be fired from this film because he was considered not old enough to play his role.

At that time Townsend was still quite young, aged 29 years. But the reason for this one seems reasonable when making Townsend unhappy. Even Townsend said he was not paid at all because it was issued before the shooting began.

9. Eric Stoltz – Back To The Future

eric stoltz

Scoltz has to experience this fate because it is considered less funny when it comes to acting in the film Back to the Future.

Pressed to play the role of McFly Pop, Steven Spielberg was not satisfied with Scoltz. In addition Scoltz is also considered to still carry his personality everyday when working in the film. Even worse, Scoltz made Thomas F. Wilson who played Biff bruises when the scene pushed him.

Yes, Scoltz pushed Wilson so hard that he bruised. The consequences were severe because Scoltz finally had to leave the project. (Glamovie).

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