7 Spider-Man figures besides Peter Parker

Glamovie.com – Discussing about Spider-Man will be endless. The new version of Peter Parker acted by Tom Holland already has his own fans. Now, what if other Spider-Man figures are adapted by Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Marvel’s world doesn’t just have one Spider-Man. There are several other figures who also use Spider-Man’s identity other than Peter Parker, and almost all of them differ from fate with Peter Parker.

1. Spider-Man 2099

spider-man 2099

Miguel O’hara looks right to be Spider-Man’s flashback of various creators, and if that happens it can certainly be an impressive story in the process of being a spider hero.

2. Superior Spider-Man

superior spider-man

The story when Peter Parker was hijacked by Otto Octavius could also be a new sheet for Spider-Man Tom Holland’s version. Spider-Man Doc Octopus version will definitely be a new conflict that can actually be raised from the first.

Or this transition can also occur in the middle of the film. Of course we will get a surprising change of personality and costume.

3. Miles Morales

miles morales

Now it seems the right time to show the character who is this Peter Parker fan. There could have been an adjustment to the young age of Peter Parker rather than waiting too long for Peter Parker to grow up.

This alternative Spider-Man can certainly be a new introduction in the Avengers.

4. Spider-Gwen


Gwen Stacy can become a Marvel Cinematic Universe character who comes from another Marvel Universe. His career which became a mirror of Peter Parker will provide interesting dynamics in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The popularity of the comic version can also be a supporter that he deserves to be adapted to the big screen by Marvel Studio.

5. Spider-Ham


People who are more friendly to children can also enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The impression of an adorable cute pig can be part of a parody of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

6. Pavitr Prabhakar

pravitr prabhakar

Spider-Man Bollywood figures are things that should be capitalized by Marvel Studio, and add them to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Pavitr Prabhakar is a Spider-Man ala Mumbai, India with a very Indian environment.

His uncle, Bhim who replaced Uncle Ben to sacrifice his life in Earth-50101.

7. Supaidaman


Another superhero as a Spider-Man character is certainly in the right moment if Marvel Studio wants to live the form of Spider-Man Japan.

Supaidaman is the most Tokusatsu version if we see other Spider-Man characters. (Glamovie).

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