7 Horror Film made by James Wan who is Not Defeated from The Nun

Glamovie.com – The Nun is a very dark horror film by James Wan with Valak. But not only that. James Wan also has other works that are no less sinister than The Nun.

1. The Conjuringthe conjuring

The Conjuring first series was a bold step from James Wan to get out of his comfort zone after the Insidious series became a jump scare horror film before the film The Nun.

The Conjuring, which started the steps of Ed and Lorraine Warren in this series, is proof that the film produced by James Wan was able to provide an enchanting story. Especially because of the real story behind the film that has not been resolved to date.

2. Insidious: Chapter 2

insidious chapter 2

The Insidious series is famous for jumping scare that makes people suffer heart attacks. This film has the darkest ending of the four series because of spooky dream creatures. Surely the appearance of Bride in Black here is the most sinister and iconic part of all.

3. Annabelle: Creation

annabelle creation

The spooky figure of The Conjuring series that was told before the film The Nun was very popular at the time.

Annabelle does not have a unique story compared to other James Wan films. But the icon shown in the film makes mythical stories around it increasingly popular with many people.

4. Lights Out

lights out

James Wan made David Sandberg’s short film to the big screen after seeing his amazing achievements. Of course David Sandberg as the director.

Lights Out has a lot of amazing things that should be in light horror films, because the execution is very anti-mainstream.

5. Saw


Of all the Saw iterations, the first film was very impressive. Impression about the malicious game created by Jigsaw.

Saw first only a few sadistic and disgusting scenes.

6. The Conjuring 2

the conjuring 2

The film that became the beginning of The Nun project must definitely be included in this list. The appearance of three ghosts who each had their own horror was able to surprise the audience as in the first film.

Valak is the mascot of The Conjuring and Annabelle because of its distinctive form.

7. Insidious


This film is the beginning of the style of horror produced by James Wan to this day. This is a film that is a new challenge for the creator of his time.

From Insidious, he proved not only to have talents in bloody films, but also to create a great sense of grip in unexpected times. (Glamovie).

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