6 Hollywood Flagship Films in Mid 2018

Glamovie – Mid 2018 can be considered as a satisfying moment for fans of Hollywood films. The series of action films have graced theaters throughout Indonesia.

This time the Hollywood film genre is more varied.

We are not only treated to Hollywood action type films, but also the drama of legendary cartoon adaptation, monster-themed films, tension, to science fiction.

So, what Hollywood movies are worth watching this mid 2018?

Mile 22

Many exciting action scenes and explosions that can satisfy fans of action movies.

In this film, Iko Uwais plays a secret agent who has sensitive information and must be protected by the main character played by Mark Wahlberg in order to get out of the United States.

Equalizer 2

It’s aired in July 2018 in America.

Like the first film, here we are treated by the extreme action of Denzel Washington as a street hero.

One of the things that makes this film worth watching is its considerable income in the country. Even Equalizer 2 was a box office champion.

The Meg

Fans of wild animal-themed films, monsters, and giant creatures, certainly won’t miss The Meg.

This film shows a giant sea creature who is ready to terrorize humans.

Interestingly, The Meg stars British action actor Jason Statham. So, it is certain that this film not only highlights terror and horror, but also the action scene at almost every moment.

Christopher Robin

Do you still remember Winnie the Pooh? Walt Disney’s animated film was boldly adopted as a live action film, aka a live film. The title Christopher Robin is a child character in his cartoon film that is now grown.

Christopher Robin acts as a sequel to Winnie the Pooh.


Thriller manifold movies, aka tension, will continue to be made and always have a successful market. So do not be surprised if a film appears like this Searching.

Searching tells about a father whose daughter mysteriously disappeared. He then looked for clues through his son’s abandoned laptop.

The Darkest Minds

Heavy lovers of science fiction films certainly won’t miss The Darkest Minds. This film tells of a mysterious outbreak that hit the United States to kill teenagers.

Teenagers who survived became the target of the government because they were considered to have intelligence over humans in general. (Glamovie).

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